"The Snuke"
South Park episode
Mayhem around South Park, shown with a split screen, 24-style. From top left: Hillary Clinton gets hospitalized, Kyle investigates the motive of a terrorist threat, CIA helicopters land in South Park, and Bahir plays checkers with Butters.
Episode no.Season 11
Episode 4
Directed byTrey Parker
Written byTrey Parker
Production code1104
Original air dateMarch 28, 2007 (2007-03-28)
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"The Snuke" is the fourth episode of the eleventh season (or the 157th episode overall) of Comedy Central's animated comedy series South Park. It is largely a parody of the television series 24 and was originally broadcast on March 28, 2007. The episode is rated TV-MA L.

In the episode, a new Muslim student joins the class, and Cartman immediately suspects him of being a terrorist. After finding out that Hillary Clinton is scheduled to campaign in town that day, he informs the CIA and does some research. The CIA shows up and detects the scent of a bomb deep within Mrs. Clinton's vagina. Through complex networking and investigating, the source of the bomb is found and the day is saved.


A new student of Muslim parents enrolls in Ms. Garrison's class, Bahir Hassan Abdul Hakim. Cartman leaves class, asking Ms. Garrison whether Bahir has been searched for bombs and guns. Ms. Garrison tells Cartman that not all Muslims resort to terrorism, but Cartman states that most do. During recess, Cartman calls Kyle, who is sick at home, and asks him to do a web search on Bahir's background. Cartman figures that Bahir may target Hillary Clinton, who is in town for a political rally, and calls the CIA.

A short while later, the school is evacuated via a fire alarm and announcement from Principal Victoria. As Bahir goes with Butters to hang out, the CIA calls Clinton's convoy to warn of a possible threat. They decide to continue the rally, and her security finds that there is a nuclear device in Hillary Clinton's vagina.[1] This was referred to as a "Snuke" (a suitcase nuke designed to fit in a woman's "snizz") in Clinton's "snatch". To try to locate the detonator, Cartman tortures Bahir's parents by farting in their faces. Cartman gets no response, and once he hears that Bahir is at Butters' house, Cartman runs off.

While Cartman attempts to accost Bahir, a group of Russian neo-soviets abducts them for alerting the CIA to the attempted terrorist attack. While they threaten their prisoners, their conversation reveals that the Russians who placed the snuke are merely pawns in service of the British. An 18th-century style fleet of British wooden sailing vessels make a surprise attack to "put an end to the American Revolution". After Kyle, Stan, Homeland Security, the FBI, ATF, the Secret Service, and a single NSA representative take over Kyle's bedroom, they all work towards uncovering the terrorists' intentions, finishing just as Cartman finds out about the plan himself.

They raid the Russians, who warn the federal agents that the detonator is set to go off shortly. However, the power is cut and the clock is reset. The various American federal agents open fire on the Russian terrorists and free Cartman and Bahir. Meanwhile, the United States Air Force destroys the British fleet. Upon hearing news of the attack's failure, the Queen shoots herself.

Kyle tells everybody not to be suspicious of just one race of people, because anti-Americanism exists throughout the world. Cartman is convinced that Bahir is innocent, but refuses to apologize for implicating him, pointing out that if he had not suspected Bahir due to his religion he would have never called Kyle, and the actual terrorism plot would not have been solved. Cartman concludes, "racism and bigotry saved America." As Kyle tries to explain Cartman's conclusion is not the point, Bahir's parents announce that they are leaving the country due to its intolerance and Cartman's torture. Cartman proudly responds: "Ok, who got rid of the Muslims, huh? That was all me."


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IGN gave the episode a score of 9 out of 10, judging the episode "amazing".[1]

Parker and Stone mention in the commentary of "The Snuke" that the actual cast and crew of 24 watched the episode as it aired and were so delighted, they sent over one of the suitcase nuke props from the show.

In the United Kingdom, the scene where Elizabeth II commits suicide drew controversy.[2]


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