Swiss Family Robinson
La familia Robinson.JPG
Screenshot of the opening logo of The Swiss Family Robinson: Flone of the Mysterious Island
家族ロビンソン漂流記 ふしぎな島のフローネ
(Kazoku Robinson Hyōryūki Fushigi na Shima no Furōne)
Anime television series
Directed byYoshio Kuroda
Produced byKōichi Motohashi
Takaji Matsudo
Written byShōzō Matsuda
Music byKōichi Sakata
StudioNippon Animation
Original networkFuji Television (Japan)

The Family Channel, Smile of a Child (English) ABS-CBN (Philippines)

Several Arabic Channels (Arab World)
Original run 4 January 1981 27 December 1981
Episodes50 (49 in the English dub due to two episodes being merged into one episode)

The Swiss Family Robinson: Flone of the Mysterious Island (家族ロビンソン漂流記 ふしぎな島のフローネ, Kazoku Robinson Hyōryūki Fushigi na Shima no Furōne) is an anime series produced by Nippon Animation.

The story is loosely based on the 1812 novel Swiss Family Robinson by Swiss author Johann David Wyss. As such it exhibits the same geographically impossible array flora and fauna.

The character of Flone is not present in the original novel, in which the Robinson family consists of only a father, a mother, and four sons (no daughters). Fione was likely introduced by Nippon Animation as a new character for the anime version to attract more girls as viewers. Also in the anime version, the oldest of the Robinson children, Fritz, is named "Franz" (though his name is changed back to Fritz in the English dub), and the character of Jack is a three-year-old rather than a ten-year-old.

Very popular in Europe, this anime is one of the few World Masterpiece Theater series to have been dubbed into the English language for the American market. An English dub by PMT, Ltd, titled simply Swiss Family Robinson, aired on The Family Channel cable network in the U.S. in 1989. This dub renames Flone "Becca" as well as her older brother Franz "Fritz". It can currently be seen on the Smile of a Child network and Amazon Prime video.[1] In addition, an Arabic dub was made for the Arab World which can also be seen on NETFLIX named “The Swiss Family Robinson”.


The Robinson family consists of the patriarch Ernest Robinson, a doctor by profession, Anna Robinson, the matriarch who is a housewife grew up and belong to a farmer family, the oldest son Franz who aspires to be a musician, the middle child Flone, a tomboy, and the youngest son, Jack. The family receive a letter from Dr Robinson's English friend in Australia, Dr Elliot, who wishes for Dr Robinson to treat people in Australia due to the lack of doctors. This is an issue for the children, as the family will be permanently settled in Australia. Franz disagrees since he realizes there is no way he would be able to study music in Australia due to lack of appropriate music institutes. Flone is initially excited since she wants to play with kangaroos, however soon she realises their family maid Marie would not be able to make it since she is taking care of her ill auntie. As a compromise, the family decide to have their relatives over, to take care of Franz while the rest of the family move to Australia. On the day of the voyage, though, Franz changes his mind at the last moment and jumps onto the ship.

At the Blackburn Rock ship, Franz met a girl named Emily who he befriends. The rest of the family interact with various people on the ship, such as the time when Dr Robinson has to assist a pregnant woman give birth. One night, on the day of Christmas presentation, a storm rages on the ship for five days. Dr Robinson and his family are not able to make it into the lifeboat as they were busy trying to tend to the injured. The captain ties Franz onto a log of wood which saves him from drowning, and the rest of the family prepare a makeshift raft to make their way into an uninhabited island before the ship sank. They arrive at an uninhabited island, (in 155°East Longitude and 10° South Latitude based on estimation of Mr. Morton) where they found the body of the ship captain of Blackburn Rock on the shore. On the captain's burial, they found the Blackburn Rock ship sinking with animals within.

They set up camp at the shore of the beach but are soon forced to relocate and make a house on a treetop due to the presence of jackals/striped wolves. They have John the dog who was the pet of the captain, and they befriend a petit baby cuscus and they name it Mercer. They also rescue some chickens and donkey from the ship and goats living solitarily at the island. Dr Robinson and Franz spend most of the day exploring and doing carpentry work, while Anna prepares food and does farming. One time, they saw a ship coming and try to fire a rifle to signal it, but they fail to catch its attention. They spend their days mostly surviving and building boats/ships and doing household chores and for the children, studying. Once heavy rain and wind set, they set out to find a water-proof home, and they come across a cave. They found a skeleton in the cave with a diary near it, as they read they realise the man, whose name was Eric Bates, never made it off the island and died, presumably from malaria. They give him a proper burial. As Flone explores the cave and fetching water, she sees a silhouette of a boy running but the family assume that it is a wild animal although they, especially Flone have a hunch that there are other people living in the island. The next day, Flone finds a boy stealing melon from their garden. The boy, whose name is TomTom, an orphan Australian Aborigine who survives in the sunken boat. They find that he lives with an injured ship captain, Mr Morton. Anna is initially repelled by him due to his rude nature and after he tried to get Jack to smoke an improvised leave cigarette, but soon warms up to him after she read a letter founded by Ernest on the canoe requesting for possible ship to rescue the Robinson family and after realising he had good intentions at heart. Like Ana, Franz as well does not like Mr. Morton. TomTom initially refuses to interact with the Robinson family as his family was subjected to slavery at the hands of Europeans but warms up to Flone and the rest of the family soon. One day, Tamtam with Mr. Morton went to the treehouse with the ostrich that they caught, Mr. Morton slapped the ostrich to run so that Robinsons siblings will be able to leave the house to catch the running ostrich. While Franz, Flone, Jack and Tamtam are chasing the ostrich. Mr. Morton climbed the tree and enter the treehouse and stole a rifle, magnifying lens and some of Robinson's family accessories. That night, He left Tamtam without a word sleeping on the cave. The next day, Tamtam went on the Robinson family to see if Mr. Morton was with them, The whole day, He spent each hour on the shore hoping Mr. Morton will return. That night, while Robinson family is sleeping, Tamtam left the Robinsons and return to cave and Ana notice that Tamtam gone that morning. Flone while looking for Tamtam entered to the cave and notice that the underground water was warm. While Tamtam was with Robinson's family, the animals on the island began to behave strange. That night, while the Robinson family is sleeping, an earthquake occur twice. On his return at the island, Mr Morton asks the family to build another ship as soon as possible, to leave and find their way to Australia after they find out the island is actually a volcanic island which may erupt soon, further there were frequent earthquakes. After staying on the island for over a year, they finally leave to Australia on the boat they built with. The voyage takes much longer than expected but they finally make it, barely alive. They landed at the north of Sydney in winter and travelled by train to Melbourne. The family is greeted by Dr Elliot who provides them with a nice house to stay in, while TomTom stays with the Robinsons until Mr Morton finds another ship. They find out that Emily made it alive and was training to be a nurse, hence after a short reunion, she decides to leave for England to study medicine and become a nurse for three years. It happens to be the same ship Mr Morton and TomTom were sailing in. The Robinson family say their goodbyes and the anime ends.


Ep# Translated title/Dub title Japanese Airdate English Airdate
1"The Adventure Begins" / "One Letter"
"Ittsuu No Tegami"
TBA3 Oct. 1985
2"Becca Makes Plans" / "Journey"
TBA10 Oct. 1985
3"Strange Company" / "Flone's Change of Heart"
"Furōne No Kokoro Karari"
TBA17 Oct. 1985
4"To Australia" / "Toward Australia"
"Osutorāria Mezashita"
TBA24 Oct. 1985
5"Becca Takes the Helm" / "Captain Flone"
"Furōne Senchou"
TBA31 Oct. 1985
6"The Terrible Typhoon" / "Terrifying Storm"
"Kowai Arashi"
TBA7 Nov. 1985
7"Shipwreck! (Part 1)" / "The Father That Can Do Anything"
"Nandemo dekirou tousan"
TBA14 Nov. 1985
8"Shipwreck! (Part 2)" / "Aim For The Island"
"Shima-wo mezashita"
TBA21 Nov. 1985
9"Mysterious Island" / "New Family"
"Atarashii Kazoku"
TBA28 Nov. 1985
The Robinsons use their ingenuity as they settle into their new island life. Mother enthusiastically plants a garden, but the seedlings are rooted up by wild pigs.
10"Sad Reunion" / "Sad Reunion"
"Kanashihimi no Saikai"
TBA5 Dec. 1985
When Brewster discovers his drowned master washed onto the beach, Fritz is especially moved because the captain died saving his life. Fritz and his father set off to explore the island and search for other survivors.
11"The Monster Tree" / "Haunted Woods"
"Obake no Ki"
TBA12 Dec. 1985
12"Wolf Attack" / "Mother's Enthusiasm"
"Okaasan no Katsuyaku"
TBA19 Dec. 1985
13"The Deep Darkness" / "Franz's Eyes"
"Furantsu No Me"
TBA2 Jan. 1986
14"Song from a Shell" / "I Can Hear The Song of the Seashells"
"Kaigara No Utaga kikoeru"
TBA9 Jan. 1986
The family begins building their new house -- high in the branches of a tree. Becca wanders away from her responsibilities and is washed from shore on a drifting log.
15"The House in the Treetops" / "House Up the Tree"
"Ki No Ueno"
TBA23 Jan. 1986
While Fritz and Ernest scale the mountains, the rest of the family scouts for supplies. Becca's playfulness almost ends in disaster, but her mother comes to the rescue, and they find an abundance of food.
16"Farmer in the Family" / "Home Lesson"
"Wayaga No Nikka"
TBA23 Jan. 1986
17"The Scarecrow" / "Mother's Field"
"Okaasan no Hakate"
TBA30 Jan. 1986
18"Brewster to the Rescue" / "Rescue Meri-chri!"
"Merekuru Wo Tasukr Te!"
TBA6 Feb. 1986
When Fritz and Jack go fishing in the new canoe, their little pet Mercedes falls overboard. The danger of sharks prevents an easy rescue, but the dog Brewster saves the day.
19"Becca Goes Hunting" / "Flone Goes Hunting"
"Furōne, Kari Ni Iku"
TBA13 Feb. 1986
Becca is excited about her first hunting trip -- until Fritz shoots a bird and her pity overcomes her taste for meat. She lures home a goat, providing milk and cheese as welcome additions to the family's diet.
20"Ship Ahoy!" / "I Can See the Ship"
"Fune Ga Mieru"
TBA20 Feb. 1986
Standing watch for ships at the cape is important, though always a useless job. But today Becca spots one, and the family's joy turns to desperation as their signals go unheeded. Though disappointed, they refuse to give up hope.
21"Turtle Hatchery" / "Baby Turtle"
"Kame No Akachan"
TBA27 Feb. 1986
The Robinsons watch a turtle laying eggs on the beach, and are impressed with the solemn ceremony. Becca and Jack keep watch over the nest, fighting off a hungry snake, until the eggs hatch and the baby turtles disappear into the sea.
22"The Beachcomber" / "Jack Is A Collector"
"Jakku Ha Korekutā"
TBA6 Mar. 1986
23"Vacation Time" / "Holiday on an Inhabited Island"
"Munjintou No Kyuujitsu"
TBA13 Mar. 1986
24"Becca Seek Higher Places" / "Flone leaves Home"
"Furōne No iede"
TBA20 Mar. 1986
25  Night of the Inhabited Island Is Pitch-Black Darkness
"(Munjintou No Yoru Hamakkurayami)" Lighting the Flame
TBA27 Mar. 1986
26"Gum-Tree Shoes" / "Brother is an Archer?"
"Oniichanwa Yumi No Meishu?"
TBA3 Apr. 1986
27"For Better Or For Worse" / "Music Fair on the Inhabited Island"
"Munjintou No Ongakukai"
TBA10 Apr. 1986
28"Saved From Death" / "Jack's Sickness"
"Jakku No Byouki"
TBA17 Apr. 1986
29"Down The Wrong Path" / "Flone's Whereabouts Unknown"
"Furōne Yukuefumeito naru"
TBA24 Apr. 1986
30"A Firm Hand" / "Tight Punishment"
"Kitsui-wo Shioki"
TBA1 May 1986
31"The Birthday Surprise" / "Am I Taking Off?"
"Watashiwano kemono?"
TBA8 May 1986
32"Strong Together" / "We Made a Boat"
"Funega dekita!"
TBA15 May 1986
33"A Fruitful Day" / "Rain, Rain, Come Again"
"Ame, Ame, Fure Fure"
TBA22 May 1986
Ernest and Morton devise a last-chance plan to escape from the island. Morton directs the shipbuilding and everyone pitches in.
34"Becca The Realtor" / "Cave Search!"
"Dokutsu-wo sagase!"
TBA29 May 1986
35"Secret Of The Cave" / "Cave Secret"
"Dokutsu No Himitsu"
TBA5 Jun. 1986
The cave is dry, but is it hospitable? The Robinsons find the cave already occupied by multitudes of bats -- and a skeleton, the grim remains of an earlier shipwreck victim who once lived on the island.
36"Bats!" / "Spirits Appear!"
"Yuurei Ga Deru!"
TBA12 Jun. 1986
37"A Friend in Need" / "Castaway"
"Aratana Hyouyuriyuusha"
TBA19 Jun. 1986
Franz tells his family how he managed to survive the first few days on the island when he thought he had been the only one who reached the shore.
38"Becca Does Her Best" / "A Man and A Woman"
"Otokonoko to Onnanoko"
TBA26 Jun. 1986
39"Morton the Grump" / "Sourpuss Morton"
"Hinekure Mono Mōton"
TBA9 Oct. 1986
40"Riding the Big Bird" / "Tam Tam the Boy"
"Shounen Tamutamu"
TBA16 Oct. 1986
41"Volcano" / "Morton Has Gone Far Off"
"Itte Shimatta Mōton San"
TBA23 Oct. 1986
42"Day of Terror" / "Terrifying Earthquake"
"Osoroshii Jishin"
TBA30 Oct. 1986
43"The Sea Calls" / "Morton Returns"
"Mototte Kita Mōton San"
TBA6 Nov. 1986
44"Shipbuilding Again" / "One More Time on a Ship"
"Mou Ichido Fune Wo!"
TBA20 Nov. 1986
45"Donkey, Don't Die" / "Don't Die, Robert"
"Shinanaide Roba San"
TBA20 Nov. 1986
46"The Boat Awaits" / "Don't Throw Away the Hircine"
"Yagi-Wo sutenaide"
TBA27 Nov. 1986
47"Don't Abandon the Goats!" / "Don't Throw Away the 2nd Hircine"
"Zoku Yagi-wo sutenaide"
TBA4 Dec. 1986
48"Good-Bye Island Home" / "Good Bye Island"
"Sayounara Mujintou"
TBA11 Dec. 1986
49"Together on the High Seas" / "I Can See Land!"
"Riku Ga Mieru!"
TBA18 Dec. 1986
50"Australia" / "Till Next Time"
"Mata Au Nichi Made"
TBA25 Dec. 1986
Arriving in Australia, the Robinsons are reintroduced to civilization -- and to some old friends.




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