The Warren Buffett Way
The third edition cover
AuthorRobert Hagstrom
CountryUnited States
SubjectBusiness, investing
PublisherJohn Wiley & Sons, Inc
Publication date
12 November 2004 - 2nd edition
332.6 22
LC ClassHG172.B84 H34 2005

The Warren Buffett Way, a book by author Robert Hagstrom, which outlines the business and investment principles of value investing practiced by American businessman and investor Warren Buffett.


The first edition, published in 1994, sold over a million copies and spent 21 weeks on the New York Times Hardcover Nonfiction Best Seller list.[1] A decade later, Hagstrom issued a second, expanded edition.[2]


  1. The world's greatest investor
  2. The education of warren buffett
  3. "Our main business is insurance": The early days of berkshire hathaway
  4. Buying a business
  5. Investing guidelines:business tenets
  6. Investing guidelines:management tenets
  7. Investing guidelines:financial tenets
  8. Investing guidelines:value tenets
  9. Investing in fixed-income securities
  10. Managing your portfolio
  11. The psychology of money
  12. The unreasonable man


The principles included:

  1. Purchase businesses with excellent long-term prospects
  2. Purchase businesses at a large discount to their intrinsic value
  3. Purchase businesses with a high return on invested capital
  4. Purchase businesses with honest managers