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Theano Didot
Designer(s)Alexey Kryukov
Date created2007
Date released2011-05-01 (2.0)
LicenseOpen Font License
VariationsTheano Didot Regular

Theano Didot is a free and open-source typeface by Alexey Kryukov, released under the Open Font License (OFL) in 2007. It is a revival of the Didot typeface of Firmin Didot, in the Didone or modern serif genre of the early nineteenth century.

Theano Didot is one of three fonts in the Theano family, including an old-style serif and a Didone font more suitable for body text. Each is released in a single weight without italic.


Theano Didot is one of three typefaces created by Alexey Kryukov. He states that its initial purpose was to create a typeface for Greek texts, but later on he decided to add also Cyrillic and Latin.

Theano is a common name for some fonts I have designed from historic samples. Most of these fonts were initially intended as Greek-only faces, but finally I found it interesting to supplement them with stylistically compatible Latin letters, thus reproducing the general look of old classical text editions. For this reason Theano fonts currently have no additional weights or styles and don't provide extensive Unicode coverage: just a standard set of Latin, Greek and Cyrillic characters (including the full polytonic set for Greek) and some additional characters I found interesting to design. Nevertheless I decided to make them publicly available in the hope they can be useful for other classicists or medievalists.

— Alexey Kryukov

As the Theano typefaces are released under the Open Font Licence, they may be used also for commercial purposes.

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