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Thessaloniki Science Center and Technology Museum
Κέντρο Διάδοσης Επιστημών και Μουσείο Τεχνολογίας
Thessaloniki Science Center and Technology Museum is located in the Thessaloniki urban area
Thessaloniki Science Center and Technology Museum
Location within the Thessaloniki urban area
LocationThessaloniki, Central Macedonia, Greece
WebsiteOfficial website

Thessaloniki Science Center and Technology Museum (NOESIS) is a science and technology located at the outskirts of Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia, Greece. The museum is actively engaged in the protection of the Greek technological heritage. NOESIS has a 150-seat digital planetarium, a 300-seat Cosmotheatre with the largest flat screen in Greece, a 200-seat amphitheatre, as well as a motion simulator theater with three platforms, 3-D projection, and 6-axis movement. Elena Paparizou, a Greek pop singer, filmed part of a videoclip for her song "Number One", that won the Eurovision Song Contest 2005.[citation needed]

In 2017, the museum was awarded a special mention at the Mariano Gago Ecsite Awards for welcoming refugee families and providing educational and social programming.[1]


NOESIS was founded as the Technical Museum of Thessaloniki in 1978 as a cultural and educational non-profit organization. In 1989, the museum moved from being hosted by its members to a building in Sindos, where it remained until 2004.[2][3] In 1998, the museum initiated a project that aimed to construct a new facility and the develop new activities. The project was completed successfully and the new foundation "Thessaloniki Science Center and Technology Museum - NOESIS" was established. The project had a total budget of approximately €29 million and was co-funded by the European Union, the EEAEFTA States and the Greek government. It was designed by French architect Denis Laming.[citation needed]

Collection and exhibits

The museum currently features many exhibits, including "Technology of Transportation," featuring antique car models that mark the history of automobiles. In the near future,[when?] the exhibition hall will also include an exhibit on Ancient Greek technology; also, NOESIS will be opening the Center for Creativity and Innovation, a facility for students, as well as a Techno-park.[citation needed]



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