Thomas de Lisle
Bishop of Ely
Elected15 July 1345
Term ended23 June 1361
PredecessorSimon Montacute
SuccessorSimon Langham
ConsecrationJuly 1345
Personal details
Bornc. 1298
Died23 June 1361

Thomas de Lisle (c. 1298–1361) (Latinised to Thomas de Insula ("Thomas from the island") was a medieval Bishop of Ely.

Lisle was elected to Ely on 15 July 1345 and consecrated in July 1345. He had his servants burn down some of the houses belonging to Blanche of Lancaster. He was rebuked by Edward III and ordered to pay damages, but after that he had her servant William Holm murdered in 1355. Edward then confiscated Lisle's possessions and made him beg for forgiveness.[1]

Lisle died on 23 June 1361.[2]


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