Thomasville Times-Enterprise
TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)Community Newspaper Holdings Inc.
PublisherJeff Masters
EditorPatrick Donahue
Political alignment7
Headquarters106 South Street, Thomasville, Georgia 31792 United States
Circulation8,009 (as of 2013)[1]

The Thomasville Times-Enterprise is a five-day newspaper published in Thomasville, Georgia. It is operated by South Georgia Media Group, a division of Community Newspaper Holdings Inc.[2] CNHI acquired the paper in 2000 from Thomson.[3]

A popular columnist for the paper was retired Georgia State Representative Theo Titus, who wrote over 1000 columns on nature, and other subjects, over a twenty-year span from 1986 to 2006. A book was published from an edited collection of his columns, under the title An Outdoor Heritage-stories from a South Georgia Life.[4]


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