Tibshelf Services
The southbound services building
Tibshelf Services is located in Derbyshire
Tibshelf Services
Tibshelf Services
Location in Derbyshire, England
Tibshelf Services is located in UK motorways
Tibshelf Services
Tibshelf Services
Location on the UK motorway network
Coordinates:53°08′13″N 1°19′54″W / 53.13708°N 1.33179°W / 53.13708; -1.33179
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Tibshelf services, opened in 1999,[1] is a motorway service area operated by Roadchef between junctions 28 and 29 of the M1 motorway in Derbyshire, England. The site is near Tibshelf Ponds and the Five Pits Trail and lies around 23 mile (1.1 km) south-east of the village of Tibshelf, but the north-bound site is closer to the village of Newton.[2] During the planning of the site it was originally named Chesterfield services, and during its archaeological evaluation Bronze Age flints and pottery were discovered - indicating the potential of Bronze Age enclosures in the surrounding area.[3]


The northbound side was refurbished in 2015, with a McDonald's, a Fresh Food Cafe and a Costa.[1]


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