Wooden houses in Tiilerilaaq
Wooden houses in Tiilerilaaq
Tiilerilaaq is located in Greenland
Location within Greenland
Coordinates: 65°53′20″N 37°46′45″W / 65.88889°N 37.77917°W / 65.88889; -37.77917
State Kingdom of Denmark
Constituent country Greenland
Municipality Sermersooq
 • MayorPele Maratse
 • Total96
Time zoneUTC-03
Postal code
3913 Tasiilaq

Tiilerilaaq[2] (formerly Tiniteqilaaq) is a settlement in the Sermersooq municipality, in southeastern Greenland. Its population was 96 in 2020.[3]


The population of Tiilerilaaq has decreased by 54 percent relative to the 1991 levels, and by 34 percent relative to the 2000 levels,[4] reflecting the depopulation of the nearby Kuummiit and Isortoq.

Tiilerilaaq population dynamics
Tiilerilaaq population growth dynamics in the last two decades. Source: Statistics Greenland[4]


During weekdays Air Greenland serves the village by helicopter as part of government contract, with flights from Tiniteqilaaq Heliport and Kulusuk Airport.[5]


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