Time in Palau is given by Palau Time (PWT; UTC+09:00).[1][2] Palau does not have an associated daylight saving time.[3]

Palau Time is equivalent to Japan Standard Time, Korean Standard Time, Pyongyang Time (North Korea), Eastern Indonesia Standard Time, East-Timorese Standard Time, and Yakutsk Time (Russia).


Until Monday, December 30, 1844, Palau belonged to Captaincy General of the Philippines, which had the date of the western hemisphere on its island, placing it on the eastern side of the International Date Line (IDL). On Wednesday, January 1, 1845, it switched to the date of the eastern hemisphere on the western side of the IDL, skipping the entire calendar day of Tuesday, December 31, 1844.[citation needed]

Before time zones were introduced, every place used local observation of the sun to set its clocks, which meant that every location used a different local mean time based on its longitude. For example, Koror, the largest city of Palau at the time, at longitude 134°29′E, had a local time equivalent to GMT-15:02:04 under the date of the western hemisphere and GMT+08:57:56 under the eastern hemisphere.[citation needed]

In 1901, "Palau Time" (PWT) was established as GMT+09:00.[citation needed]

IANA time zone database

The IANA time zone database gives Palau one time zone, Pacific/Palau.[4]

c.c.* coordinates* TZ* Comments UTC offset DST
PW +0720+13429 Pacific/Palau +09:00 +09:00


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