Tajikistan Standard Time
Time zone
Map of South Asia with time zones; Tajikistan is colored green to indicate UTC+05:00.
UTC offset
Current time
01:05, 29 April 2024 BST [refresh]
Observance of DST
DST is not observed in this time zone.

Time in Tajikistan is given by Tajikistan Time (TJT; UTC+05:00). Tajikistan does not currently observe daylight saving time.[1] The IANA identifier for Tajikistan Time is Asia/Dushanbe.

IANA time zone database

Data for Tajikistan directly from zone.tab of the IANA time zone database. Columns marked with * are the columns from zone.tab itself.

c.c.* Coordinates* TZ* Comments* UTC offset
TJ +3835+06848 Asia/Dushanbe +05:00


Historic time zones for Tajikistan (both as an independent country and a Soviet state)[2]

From To Zone DST
2 May 1924 21 June 1930 UTC+5 no
21 June 1930 1 April 1981 UTC+6 no
1 April 1981 31 March 1991 UTC+6 yes
31 March 1991 9 September 1991 UTC+5 yes
9 September 1991 Present UTC+5 no


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