This is a timeline of the history of Korea. Some dates prior to the 5th century are speculative or approximate.

Early history

Proto(Before)-Three Kingdoms

Three Kingdoms

North–South States Period and Later Three Kingdoms



Korean Empire

See also: Timeline of the Gwangmu Reform

Japanese colonial rule

Division of Korea


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    "An extreme manifestation of nationalism and the family cult was the revival of interest in Tangun, the mythical founder of the first Korean state... Most textbooks and professional historians, however, treat him as a myth."
    "Although Kija may have truly existed as a historical figure, Tangun is more problematical."
    "Most [Korean historians] treat the [Tangun] myth as a later creation."
    "The Tangun myth became more popular with groups that wanted Korea to be independent; the Kija myth was more useful to those who wanted to show that Korea had a strong affinity to China."
    "If a choice is to be made between them, one is faced with the fact that the Tangun, with his supernatural origin, is more clearly a mythological figure than Kija."
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