A plate of tomatokeftedes served in Oia, Santorini
Alternative namesDomatokeftedes
Place of originGreece
Region or stateSantorini, Thira (regional unit)
Serving temperaturehot, warm
Main ingredientsTomato paste

Tomatokeftedes are fried tomato balls served as an appetizer on the Greek island of Santorini,[1] and generally Cyclades. The dish is made from crushed or pureed tomatoes fried in oil. The batter is tomatoes and flour kneaded into a dough along with spices, parsley, onion, and mint; the dough is then fried in cooking oil and served as an appetizer.[1][2][3] Santorini-grown tomatoes are preferred, as the island's rugged terrain and pumice-laced soil makes for more robust fruits.[1]


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