Industryshow business
FoundersIgor Kraev, Vadim Botnaruk
HeadquartersRussia, Ukraine, USA
Key people
Igor Kraev, Pavel Balashov

TopHit is a Russia-originated internet service for musicians founded in 2003. It offers a variety of functions, main of them regular statistical music charts based on data from radio broadcasts and musical internet services such as YouTube and Spotify. Musicians (mainly playing pop music) are able to upload their songs and promote them via TopHit. The songs from Russian and worldwide singers become aggregated, tested, distributed and rotated on radio using TopHit's capabilities. Promotion of music videos is also available, as well as donations collecting system for supporting artists. Permanent users and partners of TopHit include over 5700 musicians, music groups, DJs and tens of record labels, including Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, BMG, Black Star Inc., Velvet Music and others.

Nowadays, TopHit assists in promoting about 90% of songs on radio and over 60% of hit songs on YouTube and Spotify. TopHit's services are available for 1070 radio stations and 75 TV channels in 38 countries including Russia, Ukraine, CIS countries, European countries, Middle East countries, USA and Canada. Weekly audience of TopHit's partner broadcasters is estimated to be over 200 million of listeners and watchers. Universal Music Group qualifies TopHit as the most reliable source of music radio charts in Russia.[1] Artists and critics emphasize that TopHit is considered firstly the professional tool for music industry, and only secondly as mass media resource.

TopHit's chart leaders are awarded annually at a ceremony called Top Hit Music Awards.[2] There are also Top Hit Hall of Fame and annual concerts called Top Hit Live!.


Every week Tophit publishes Airplay Detection TopHit 100 — a consolidated chart, based on song rotation on air of radio stations partners. The artists (rightholders) place their songs on the website, after what the radio stations downloads those it considers suitable to air, and then sends weekly reports on their rotation.[3] Anatoly Veizenfeld and Mikhail Sergeev of Звукорежиссёр (Zvukorezhissyor: Soundproducer) wrote, "That is the way, how the feedback comes from the broadcasters in this project, and it allows them to receive the data about each song rotation on air of over 400 radio stations."[4]

Besides the general chart, there are ones for Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Kyiv; monthly charts (general and separate ones for each of the mentioned cities) and annual charts (general, separate ones for each of the mentioned cities and one for top artists). The website also collects statistics on the songs, played in request programs most often.

Since 2010 till 2013 the TV-program Top Hit Chart, based on the portal statistics, was broadcast by Muz-TV, and it presented 30 most popular on radio air of Russia and the CIS countries songs.[5] According to the website, the program was in the top 10 of the most popular music programs of the channel with rating of 0.7%.[6]

At present the radio version of the program is weekly released on the air of over 40 radio stations of Russia and the CIS countries. In 2010–2014 its presenter was Mitya Fomin, and now it is hosted by Timur Rodriguez.

In 2010, the summary statistical data of the portal for the year of 2009 became the foremost source in defining the nominees for "Bog Efira" (Air God) Music Awards (a music version of Popov’s Award in the area of radio broadcast). Tophit annual charts are also covered in the mass media.

In March 2015, Tophit began publication of the first on the market of Russia and the CIS countries streaming charts TOP 100 The chart is based on the views of music videos on YouTube and reflects the mass audience preferences on the web and how they change over time.

Chart criteria

The statistical data is collected on the songs and placed on Tophit. As a rule, such a list is based on the new compositions, picked by the portal administration, as well as the songs, already released on the portal but should be drawn attention to (for instance, those which are supported by a promo-campaign or a music video).

The charts are based on the playlist rotation data of songs, received directly from the radio stations partners, and the number of song plays in request programs. As a result, up to 20 parameters are taken into account in relation to each radio station (where it broadcasts, how many cities and towns it covers, how the playlists are technically made and who does it, etc.).

Despite a large amount of the data processed, Tophit charts still fall into the category of radio rotation, i.e. they take into account the number of song spins on radio air but have nothing in common with the volume of song sales on CDs or downloads on the web.

Performance and development review

Experts from the InterMedia news agency, Evgeny Safronov and Aleksey Mazhaev, expressed the opinion that the charts published by the portal could not fully reflect the artist popularity in Russia, as Tophit along with Moskva.FM deal with radio industry research. Nevertheless, the experts qualified the portal hit parades as professional.[7] Boris Barabanov also marked that activity is more familiar to the music industry professionals than public at large. "One of the most effective chart-based sources is It's rather a reliable in professional circles mechanism that allows the rightholders place their compositions on the website and make them available for stations download. The latter ones, in their turn, having downloaded the song, send reports on its rotation, if this song is put on air, what shows its popularity. promotion model is considered very effective on the market," wrote the author. Guru Ken called Tophit the leader in the area of media content delivery to radio stations.[8] In the journal Kompania (Company), Anastasia Markina also mentioned the portal as the leader in its professional sphere and wrote, " took under its wing over 400 stations and 60 TV-channels. On the other hand, over a thousand rights holders, among which are the majority of record labels, including the majors Sony Music, Universal Music, Warner Music and EMI/Gala Records», work with this website.[9]

In RMA (a course of lectures for professionals in the music business), Dmitry Konnov, Universal Music Russia CEO, speaking of Russian music promotion perspectives, underlined the fact that "if you want to reach popularity, I advise to write and perform Russian music, promote Russian artists and keep a close watch at but not get lost in admiration at Billboard".[10]

Selected milestones

Top Hit Music Awards

Top Hit Music Awards is an annual awards ceremony, held and established by the portal The Russian artists, authors and producers are honored for outstanding achievements in popular music and record business, based on the data of song rotation on air of the radio stations, partners. The first Music Awards Ceremony took place in 2013. Besides, Top Hit Hall Of Fame was opened as well.

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