In topology and related areas of mathematics, a topological property or topological invariant is a property of a topological space that is invariant under homeomorphisms. Alternatively, a topological property is a proper class of topological spaces which is closed under homeomorphisms. That is, a property of spaces is a topological property if whenever a space X possesses that property every space homeomorphic to X possesses that property. Informally, a topological property is a property of the space that can be expressed using open sets.

A common problem in topology is to decide whether two topological spaces are homeomorphic or not. To prove that two spaces are not homeomorphic, it is sufficient to find a topological property which is not shared by them.

Properties of topological properties

A property is:

Common topological properties

Cardinal functions

Main article: Cardinal function § Cardinal functions in topology


Main article: Separation axiom

Note that some of these terms are defined differently in older mathematical literature; see history of the separation axioms.

Countability conditions

See also: Axiom of countability





Non-topological properties

There are many examples of properties of metric spaces, etc, which are not topological properties. To show a property is not topological, it is sufficient to find two homeomorphic topological spaces such that has , but does not have .

For example, the metric space properties of boundedness and completeness are not topological properties. Let and be metric spaces with the standard metric. Then, via the homeomorphism . However, is complete but not bounded, while is bounded but not complete.

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