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Toshiba T3100
Release date1986; 36 years ago (1986)[1]
Operating systemMS-DOS 3.2[1]
CPUIntel 80286 @ 8 MHz[1]
Memory640 kB RAM (upgradable to 2.6 MB)[1]
Storage10 MB hard drive; internal 3,5" floppy drive, 720 kB; connector for external 5,25" floppy drive, 360 kB[1]
Displaymonochrome 9.6" orange gas-plasma display[1]
Graphics640×400; 640×200; Textmode: 80×25;
T3100SX: 640x480 VGA
Inputkeyboard - 83 keys, QWERTY
Connectivityexternal monitor via 9-pin RGB port.[1]
Dimensions0.310 x 0.361 x 0.079 meter[1]
Mass7.5 kg (17 lb)

T3100 was a portable PC manufactured by Toshiba and released in 1986. It featured a 10 MB hard drive, 8 MHz Intel 80286 CPU and a black & orange 9.6" gas-plasma display with a resolution of 640x400 pixels.[1]

The portable had for the time a special high-resolution 640 x 400 display mode which is similar to and partially compatible with the Olivetti/AT&T 6300 graphics.[1] The base model had 640KB memory. There's a single proprietary expansion slot for 1200 bit/s modem, expansion chassis for 5x 8-bit ISA cards, Ethernet NIC, 2400 bit/s modem, and a 2 MB memory card (thus 2.6 MB in max total).[1] T3100e model had 1MB of memory, which could be upgraded to 5MB.[2] [3]

Toshiba T3100 was not a true portable, because it needed an external power source in all except the last version.

Five versions existed:


BYTE in 1989 listed the T3100/20 as among the "Distinction" winners of the BYTE Awards, citing its "amazingly clear" display and hard drive.[6]

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