Tragedy Day
AuthorGareth Roberts
Cover artistJeff Cummins
SeriesDoctor Who book:
Virgin New Adventures
Release number
Seventh Doctor
Ace, Bernice
PublisherVirgin Books
Publication date
March 1994
Preceded byNo Future 
Followed byLegacy 

Tragedy Day is an original novel written by Gareth Roberts and based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It features the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Bernice. A prelude to the novel, also penned by Roberts, appeared in Doctor Who Magazine #210.


Empire City on the planet Olleril is experiencing 'Tragedy Day', where the well-off give charitably to the poor. However, this specific day has much more to offer, with murders, weaponry and plots that could destroy everything.

The Doctor, Bernice and Ace all want to leave, but have been captured by various factions within minutes of arrival.