Tie Limited
TypeLimited company, wholly owned by local government
IndustryPublic transport
Area served
Key people
Richard Jeffrey, Chief Executive (2009–2011)
ServicesProject management, transport planning
OwnerCity of Edinburgh Council
WebsiteOfficial website (archived)

Tie Ltd. (previously Transport Initiatives Edinburgh Ltd.) was a Scottish company which, from May 2002 to August 2011, project-managed large-scale transport projects on behalf of the City of Edinburgh Council in Edinburgh. It was brought in as part of a public-private partnership (PPP) to improve Scottish public transport infrastructure development.[1] Following its management of the controversial Edinburgh Trams project, the company was closed down in 2011.[2]Transport for Edinburgh took over the Edinburgh Trams functions from Tie.[3]


Tie was a private limited company, wholly owned by the City of Edinburgh Council. It was a non-profit organisation.[4]

It was not connected with Transport Initiatives LLP, an English-based transport planning consultancy specialising in cycling, walking and travel planning.[5]


Tie was involved in several major transport projects in Scotland including:[6]

Project Description Status
Ingliston Park & Ride a park and ride facility to be integrated with the Edinburgh tram system[7] Operational as a car park
Stirling-Alloa-Kincardine rail link Railway line from Stirling to Kincardine Operational
One-Ticket A multi-modal ticketing system for south-east Scotland[8] Operational
Edinburgh Fastlink A guided bus system in the west of the city, opened in 2004 and closed in 2009 to be replaced with the Edinburgh Trams line. Closed
Edinburgh Airport Rail Link (EARL) Rail link connecting Edinburgh Airport with the main ScotRail network[9] Cancelled
Congestion charging A project to introduce a congestion charge into Edinburgh[10] Rejected in referendum
Edinburgh Trams Construction of a new tramway in Edinburgh - Tie dismissed from project, August 2011[11] Open - limited scope

Edinburgh Trams

Since construction started in 2008, the Edinburgh Trams project was criticised for delays to the infrastructural works, in particular the closure of Princes Street. Tie underwent some organisational change at this time; in November 2008 Willie Gallagher stepped down as executive chairman.[12] David Mackay, then Chairman of Transport Edinburgh Limited, took over as interim chairman[13] until he was replaced in May 2009 by Richard Jeffrey,[14] who resigned from the post in 2011 after two years in the role.[15] Shortly after Jeffrey's resignation, four non-executive directors[16] and the communications director[17] of tie also resigned, followed by the introduction of a voluntary redundancy scheme aimed at halving the headcount of the company.[18] In August 2011, it was announced that further redundancies would be made, and an international consultancy, Turner & Townsend, was appointed to support the project while tie was relieved of its responsibilities.[11] Following the transfer of Tie's responsibilities, the tramway contractor Bilfinger Berger spoke out about Tie's management of the tram project and took the view that Tie had a poor risk management strategy and that it had failed to organise the necessary construction work to move the underground utilities prior to tramway construction.[19]


Following the Edinburgh Trams controversy, Tie was heavily criticised for its handling of the project.[20] In late 2011 Transport Initiatives Edinburgh was disbanded as a company. Tie initially chose not to reveal the severance payment awarded to its directors,[21] but following a Freedom of Information application, it was revealed that the directors of Transport Initiatives Edinburgh received compensation totalling £406,635 after they stepped down from the company.[22]


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