Trentino Civic List
Split fromThe People of Freedom
Succeeded byLa Civica
IdeologyChristian democracy[1]

Trentino Civic List (Italian: Civica Trentina, CT) is a Christian-democratic political party active in Trentino.[1]


The party was formed in July 2013 by Rodolfo Borga,[2] formerly the leader of The People of Freedom in the Provincial Council.[3][4] In the 2013 provincial election the party supported Diego Mosna for President, in alliance with Trentino Project, and obtained 3.7% of the vote;[5] Borga was re-elected to the Provincial Council.[6]

In 2014 the CT was joined by two more councillors: Claudio Cia, who replaced Mosna, and Claudio Civettini, a splinter from Lega Nord Trentino (LNT).[7][8][9][10] In the 2015 municipal election in Trento the party joined forces with the LNT, Trentino Project, Forza Italia and the Brothers of Italy: Cia, who ran for mayor, won 31.0% of the vote (and was defeated by the outgoing Democratic mayor Alessandro Andreatta), while the party's list obtained 7.1%.[11][12]

As of May 2015, the CT seemed headed toward an alliance with the Trentino Tyrolean Autonomist Party, instead that its 2015 centre-right allies. This led Cia to leave the party[13][14] and launch the alternative Act for Trentino,[15] which soon joined forces with the LNT and the other parties of the centre-right.

However, in the 2018 provincial election the CT was actually part of the autonomist centre-right coalition. Maurizio Fugatti of the LNT was elected President of Trentino and the CT, with its 4.6%, was the coalition's second largest party. After Borga's death in January 2019, Mattia Gottardi was appointed provincial minister by Fugatti.[16] Later, Gottardi and the provincial councilor Vanessa Masé declared the experience of the Trentino Civic List closed, founding a new party called La Civica.[17] The decision to close the party was contested by Antonio Coradello, city councilor in Trento, who declared that the Trentino Civic List was still active.[18][19]



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