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Trevor Coppola
Santa Monica, California
OccupationActor, Musician
Years active1995–present

Trevor Coppola is an actor, musician from Santa Monica, California. The films he has acted in include Little Blue Pill, The Hunchback, Matilda, The Bank Job, Lucky Numbers and 3:10 to Yuma [1] and Vikingdom.[2] As a musician, he is a cellist and classically trained singer.[3]


Film and television

In the early 1990s he had a part in the television series Love & War. In 2007, he acted in the Western 3:10 to Yuma. It starred Russell Crowe and Christian Bale. In it, he played the part of William Marsh.[4][5] In 2008, he had a part in the thriller The Bank Job which was directed by Roger Donaldson.[6] In the 2010 comedy Little Blue Pill which was directed by Aaron Godfred, he was one of the leading actors and acted alongside Aaron Kuban, Adam Carr, Rosie Tisch, Gerold Wunstel and Jonathan Ahdout and Gerold Wunstel.[7][8] He played the part of ruthless Phalitech executive, John Kilter.[9][10] In the same year he played the part of Dr. Trevor Gibson in the film The Hunchback.[11] In 2013, he starred in the Yangzom Brauen directed film Who Killed Johnny playing the part of Wulf.[12][13] In the same year, he was in Vikingdom which was a fantasy, action, adventure that starred Dominic Purcell and Natassia Malthe. In it he played the part of Geat.[14][15] In 2014, he was part of a reality show hosted by Erin J Morgart.[16]


In March 2014, he was at the March issue launch party for the Californian Naluda Magazine.[17][18] Later that year, he was at the International Italian Festival of Neapolitan song for an award presentation.[19][20]



Title Role Director Year Notes #
Gao nu yi zu Rudy Blackie Shou Liang Ko 1995
Indictment: The McMartin Trial Reporter Mick Jackson 1995 made for television
French Exit Party Goer #2 Daphna Kastner 1995
Showgirls Dancer Paul Verhoeven 1995
Heat restaurant patron Michael Mann 1995
Matilda restaurant patron Danny DeVito 1996
Every Minute Is Goodbye Russ Ulli Lommel 1996
Babylon 5: In the Beginning Minbari Tourist Michael Vejar 1998
Time at the Top Andre Jim Kaufman 1999
Wanted Larry Terence M. O'Keefe 2000
Farewell, My Love Phil Conway Randall Fontana 2000
Lucky Numbers Sal Nora Ephron 2000
Last Call Tom Henry Bromell 2002 made for television
Got Papers? Mr. Gomez Reyes Bencomo 2003
Down the P.C.H. Bill Sean Michael Beyer 2006
3:10 to Yuma William Marsh James Mangold 2007
Beautiful Loser Jim John Nolte 2008
The Bank Job Leonard Roger Donaldson 2008
Watchmen NY Swat #4 Zack Snyder 2009
District 9 MNU Mercenary Neill Blomkamp 2009
The Hunchback Dr.Trevor Gibson Steve Roeder 2010
Little Blue Pill John Kilter Aaron Godfred 2010
Simply Delicious Groom Jerry Cashman 2012 short
Who Killed Johnny Wulf Yangzom Brauen 2013
Vikingdom Geat Yusry Abd Halim 2013
Creature of Habit Killer Marc Verna 2013
Empire of the Heart Jake Fishel Rob Walker 2017 [21]

Television series

Title Episode # Role Director Year Notes #
Love & War One Strike, You're Out Customer #2 Robert Berlinger 1995
Party of Five Naked Rick Daniel Attias 1999
Beverly Hills, 90210 Laying Pipe Student Luke Perry 1999
Boston Public Chapter Thirty-Seven Mr. Roland Mike Listo 2002
That Was Then Episode #1.7 Craig 2002
LA Forensics The Actor's Secret Terry Robert Dean 2007
Hallo Hollywood Impressionist Yangzom Brauen
Michael Freund
Roman Wyden
Fringe Jacksonville Tech Charles Beeson 2010
Doctor Who Victory of the Daleks William Andrew Gunn 2010
Ruthless Pilot Ron Luis Sinibaldi [22]


In April 2015, Coppola performed with media artist Dilee and acoustic band backing band Cori Jacobs at the Voodoo Lounge at the House of Blues. This was said to be one of the last performances as the club was due to close its doors permanently.[24][25]


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