Tryphena[a] and Tryphosa are Christian women briefly mentioned by name in the Bible in Romans 16:12, in which St. Paul writes: "Greet those workers in the Lord, Tryphaena and Tryphosa."

The Roman Martyrology (up through 1960) commemorated them on November 10, saying: "At Iconium in Lycaonia [was the heavenly birth of] the holy women Tryphenna and Tryphosa, who made much progress in Christian perfection through the preaching of blessed Paul and the example of Thecla."[1]

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  1. ^ Additional spellings include Tryphenna (based on the Latin spelling) and Tryphaena (based on the Greek spelling).


  1. ^ The Roman Martyrology. Translated by O'Connell, Canon J.B. (revised post-typical 4th ed.). Westminster: Newman Press. 1962. p. 245.