Tukarak Island
Tukarak Island is located in Nunavut
Tukarak Island
Tukarak Island
Location in Nunavut
LocationHudson Bay
Coordinates56°15′N 78°45′W / 56.250°N 78.750°W / 56.250; -78.750 (Tukarak Island)Coordinates: 56°15′N 78°45′W / 56.250°N 78.750°W / 56.250; -78.750 (Tukarak Island)
ArchipelagoBelcher Islands
Arctic Archipelago
Area349 km2 (135 sq mi)
Coastline174 km (108.1 mi)
Source: Sea Islands at Atlas of Canada[1]

Tukarak Island is an uninhabited island in Qikiqtaaluk Region, Nunavut, Canada. Located in Hudson Bay, it is a member of the Belcher Islands group.[2] Along with Flaherty Island, Innetalling Island, and Kugong Island, it is one of the four large islands in the group.[3]

It is dotted with several lakes, one of which is also called Tukarak. Flaherty Island faces it across Omarolluk Sound all along its western side. It is bounded by Fairweather Sound on its south side. Other islands in the immediate vicinity include Bradbury Island, Dove Island, Karlay Island, and Nero Island.[4]


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