Tummidihetti Barrage
Tummidihetti Barrage is located in Telangana
Tummidihetti Barrage
Tummidihetti Barrage at Tummidihetti
Tummidihetti Barrage is located in India
Tummidihetti Barrage
Tummidihetti Barrage (India)
Official nameTummidihetti Barrage
LocationTummidihetti village, Koutala mandal, Adilabad district, Telangana
Coordinates19°35′45″N 79°47′0″E / 19.59583°N 79.78333°E / 19.59583; 79.78333
Construction beganProposed
Opening dateProposed
Construction costProposed
Built byProposed
Owner(s)Government of Telangana
Operator(s)Irrigation & CAD Department, Government of Telangana
Dam and spillways
Type of damBarrage
ImpoundsPranhita River a tributary of Godavari River
Height148 meters
Length6477 meters (includes 3276 meters of concrete section, 2301 and 900 meters of left earthen dam in Maharashtra and Telangana respectively)
Spillway capacity62,231.27 Cumecs
CreatesTummidihetti Reservoir
Total capacity2 TMC (Estimated).[1]

Tummidihetti Barrage[2][3][4] is a proposed barrage across Pranhita River, a tributary of Godavari River at Tummidihetti village, Koutala mandal, Adilabad district of Telangana State. The project will provide irrigation facilities for an ayacut of 2,00,000 acres in drought prone areas in East Adilabad District of Telangana State. .


This barrage was earlier proposed as part of Pranahita Chevella lift irrigation scheme, to divert water via Gravity to Sripada Yellampalli project and thereafter via series of lifts which would culminate at Chevella; while providing irrigation facilities and drinking water to villages en route. The project could not come to fruition due to large scale submergence in the state of Maharashtra and the Government of Maharashtra not agreeing to an FRL of +152 meters. The canal work was undertaken between Tummidihetti Barrage and Sripada Yellampalli project, even though consent from the state of Maharashtra was not taken for barrage headworks for +152 meters FRL.

In 2016, the Government of Telangana and Government of Maharashtra signed an inter-state agreement[5][6] with Maharashtra consenting to Tummidihetti Barrage at an FRL of +148 meters. Pranahita Chevella lift irrigation scheme, thereafter was also redesigned as Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Pranahita Project[7]

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Pranahita Project will divert water with the help of Tummidihetti Barrage and contemplates to provide Irrigation facilities for an ayacut of 2,00,000 Acres in drought prone areas in East Adilabad District of Telangana State. The Package wise details of ayacut are as follows:

S.No Mandal Proposed Area (Acres) Additional Ayacut (Acres) Total Area (Acres)
1. Chennur (Assembly constituency)
A Chennur 15215 - 15215
B Kotapally 13357 - 13357
C Jaipur 2928 - 2928
Sub total 31500 31500
2. Bellampalli (Assembly constituency)
A Vemanpally 3810 3810
B Nennel 690 19556 20246
C Tandur - 19700 19700
Bheemini - 21500 21500
Bellampally - 7870 7870
Sub total 4500 68626 73126
3. Sirpur (Assembly constituency)
A Kowtala 1320 12452 13772
B Dahegaon 88880 10400 19280
C Bejjur 10300 13700 24000
Sub total 4500 68626 73126
4. Asifabad (Assembly constituency)
A Rebbena - 38830 38830
Sub total 38830 38830
Total 56500 144008 200508


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