The Tuvaluan football league system, is a series of non-interconnected leagues for club football in Tuvalu. The league is organized by the Tuvalu National Football Association. Eight of the nine islands in Tuvalu are represented in the competition. Niulakita is the only island that has no football club. Some clubs have two teams competing. The competition takes place at the 1,500-capacity Tuvalu Sports Ground[1] in Funafuti, this is the only soccer field in Tuvalu. The football clubs are based on the communities of the 8 major islands of Tuvalu, with the rivalry between these 8 teams being maintained by each having a ‘home’ island.

The Tuvalu A-division has no relegation rule. The B-Division is the competition for the B teams of each club. The same applies for the C-Division. The competition was founded in 2001.


The A-Division contains 8 teams.[2] Alongside the A-Division is the B-Division (Level 2), which contains 5 reserve teams of clubs in the A-Division.[3][4] All the teams in the A and B-Division are amateur teams and there is no promotion or relegation between the two.

Club Island Stadium Capacity
Lakena United Nanumea Tuvalu Sports Ground 1,500
Manu Laeva Nukulaelae Tuvalu Sports Ground 1,500
Ha'apai United Nanumanga Tuvalu Sports Ground 1,500
Nauti Funafuti Tuvalu Sports Ground 1,500
Tamanuku Nukufetau Tuvalu Sports Ground 1,500
Tofaga Vaitupu Tuvalu Sports Ground 1,500
Vaoloa Nui Tuvalu Sports Ground 1,500
Niutao Niutao Tuvalu Sports Ground 1,500


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