Twilight of the Gods
Cover Art
AuthorChristopher Bulis
SeriesDoctor Who book:
Virgin Missing Adventures
Release number
Second Doctor
Jamie, Victoria
Set inPeriod between
The Web of Fear and The Dark Path[1][2]
PublisherVirgin Books
Publication date
September 1996
Preceded byThe Shadow of Weng-Chiang 
Followed bySpeed of Flight 

Twilight of the Gods is an original novel written by Christopher Bulis and based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. The novel features the Second Doctor, Jamie and Victoria. It is a sequel to the 1965 serial The Web Planet.


Much time has passed since the Doctor's first visit to the Web Planet, and he returns to find a very different world: it's in the middle of an interplanetary war between opposing factions in a divided people. To restore peace, the Doctor must resolve an ideological conflict, solve the paradox of life on Vortis, and finally, face the ones called ´Gods of Light´.


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  2. ^ Placement between The Web of Fear and Fury from the Deep confirmed by cover blurb. Direct placement confirmed by The Dark Path cover blurb.