U.S. Route 19
US 19 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by PennDOT
Length195 mi[1] (314 km)
Major junctions
South end US 19 at West Virginia border near Mount Morris
  I-70 / I-79 in Washington

I-376 / US 22 / US 30 / PA 51 in Pittsburgh
I-279 in Pittsburgh
I-76 / Penna Turnpike in Cranberry Township
US 422 near New Castle
I-80 near Mercer
US 62 / PA 58 / PA 258 in Mercer
US 6 / US 322 / PA 98 near Meadville

I-90 near Erie
North end US 20 in Erie
CountiesGreene, Washington, Allegheny, Butler, Lawrence, Mercer, Crawford, Erie
Highway system
PA-18.svg PA 18PA-19 (1926).svg PA 19

U.S. Route 19 (US 19) in Pennsylvania closely parallels Interstate 79 (I-79) for its entire length. US 19 enters Pennsylvania from West Virginia in Greene County near Mount Morris. Its northern terminus is at US 20 in the city of Erie. Part of it is named for Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, hero of the Battle of Lake Erie.

Route description

In northern Washington County, US 19 was modernized after the former Pittsburgh Railways Interurban (PRCo) trolley service was discontinued in August 1953. Initially, US 19 ran parallel to the trolley line, and later expanded over the tracks through part of Mt. Lebanon in southern Allegheny County.

US 19 then proceeds north through Pittsburgh's Northside, West View, Perrysville and Ross Township, McCandless Township and Wexford, where it is referred to as Perry Highway. In Cranberry Township, it connects with I-79, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and Pennsylvania Route 228 (PA 228). Continuing through Mercer and Crawford counties, the route terminates in the city of Erie.

The US 19 Truck designation exists in Pittsburgh, running from Wexford, Pennsylvania to Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Although both of that route's termini are with the regular US 19, the two routes also intersect near the Fort Pitt Tunnel on Pittsburgh's West End.[1]


US 19 in Pennsylvania has maintained a similar alignment for much of its history. In 1928, US 19 was moved to its current route between Pittsburgh and Meadville. The West End Bridge in Pittsburgh was completed in 1932, and US 19 was realigned to cross the bridge. In 1936, US 19 was moved to its current alignment between Zelienople and Harmony. Through the 1940s and 1950s, different parts of US 19 were widened.[2]

In 1987, the Phase One project started to connect two sections of Ohio River Boulevard near Western Avenue and Chateau Street. Phase Two of the project included a new interchange between the PA 65 expressway (concurrent with US 19 west of the interchange) and the West End Bridge. The bridge was closed for two years for construction, but reopened in 1991, while construction finished in 1992.[3]

In 2003, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) started a project to build a US 19 tunnel under the Norfolk Southern Railway, as well as align the West End Bypass with the West End Circle, the intersection of US 19, PA 51, PA 60, and PA 837. The project was completed in 2010.[4]

In 2016, a diverging diamond interchange was built at the intersection of US 19 and I-70/79 in South Strabane Township.[5]

PennDOT has started construction on a multi-lane roundabout at the intersection of US 19, US 6, US 322, and PA 98 in Vernon Township, near Meadville. Construction is expected to be completed in October 2019.[6]

PennDOT has also started construction on an intersection improvement project at the northern intersection of US 19 and PA 97. PA 97 will be realigned to meet US 19 at a 90 degree angle, and new left turn lanes and traffic signals will be installed. Construction is expected to be completed in October 2019.[7]

Major intersections

GreenePerry Township0.00.0 US 19 south (Blue Horizon Drive) – MorgantownUS 19 enters Pennsylvania from West Virginia
Morrisville15.424.8 PA 21 east (Montgomery Street) to PA 188 / I-79Southern terminus of PA 21 concurrency
Waynesburg16.526.6 PA 218 south (Morgan Street)Northern terminus of PA 218
16.827.0 PA 21 west (High Street)Northern terminus of PA 21 concurrency
Washington Township21.935.2 PA 221 (Dunn Station Road/Lippencott Road) to I-79 north – Prosperity, JeffersonPA 221 provides access to I-79 north; I-79 exit 19
22.135.6 I-79 south – Waynesburg, MorgantownI-79 exit 19
WashingtonSouth Strabane Township33.654.1 I-79 – Washington, WaynesburgI-79 exit 30
37.059.5 US 40 east (Maiden Street)Southern terminus of US 40 concurrency
Washington39.062.8 US 40 west (Maiden Street)Northern terminus of US 40 concurrency
39.263.1 PA 136 (Beau Street)
South Strabane Township40.665.3 I-70 / I-79 – New Stanton, Morgantown, Wheeling, PittsburghI-70 exit 19; diverging diamond interchange
43.369.7 Racetrack Road to I-79 – The Meadows Racetrack and Casino, Tanger Outlets Pittsburgh
North Strabane Township45.573.2 PA 519 / PA 890 to I-79 – Canonsburg, Eighty Four, HoustonInterchange
Peters Township49.078.9Valley Brook Road / Old Washington Road – Lawrence, McMurrayInterchange
AlleghenyUpper St. Clair55.689.5 Orange Belt (McLaughlin Run Road / McMurray Road) to PA 50 – Upper Saint Clair, Bridgeville, Bethel ParkInterchange
Mt. Lebanon57.692.7 Yellow Belt (Connor Road / Gilkeson Road) to PA 88 – BridgevilleSouthern terminus of Yellow Belt concurrency
57.893.0Mt. Lebanon Boulevard – Castle Shannon
US 19 Truck north (Washington Road)
Southern terminus of Truck US 19
59.195.1 PA 121 north / Yellow Belt (Cochran Road)Southern terminus of PA 121, northern terminus of Yellow Belt concurrency
Pittsburgh60.697.5 Blue Belt (Potomac Avenue)
I-376 / US 22 / US 30 / US 19 Truck north (Penn-Lincoln Parkway) – Carnegie, Airport, West End, Monroeville

US 19 Truck south / PA 51 south (Saw Mill Run Boulevard) – Uniontown
I-376/US 22/US 30 exit 69, southern terminus of PA 51 concurrency
64.1103.2 PA 51 north – McKees Rocks, West End
PA 60 north – Crafton
PA 837 south (Carson Street) to I-376 east – Downtown
Interchange, northern terminus of PA 51 concurrency, northern terminus of PA 837, southern terminus of PA 60, West End Circle
Ohio River64.3103.5West End Bridge
PA 65 south to US 19 Truck north / I-279 – Downtown, North Shore
Interchange, southern terminus of PA 65 concurrency
65.3105.1 PA 65 north (Ohio River Boulevard) / California AvenueInterchange, northern terminus of PA 65 concurrency
68.6110.4 Blue Belt (Bascom Avenue)Southern terminus of Blue Belt concurrency
69.0111.0 Blue Belt (Ivory Avenue) – MillvaleNorthern terminus of Blue Belt concurrency
69.4111.7 I-279 – Pittsburgh, ErieInterchange, I-279 exit 5 via Cemetery Lane
69.9112.5 I-279 southHOV Only
Ross Township73.0117.5 Green Belt (Three Degree Road) – Allison ParkSouthern terminus of Green Belt concurrency
73.0117.5 Green Belt (Sewickley Oakmont Road) to PA 65 – EmsworthNorthern terminus of Green Belt concurrency
McCandless Township75.6121.7 Yellow Belt (West Ingomar Road / Ingomar Road) to PA 65 – North Park
US 19 Truck south (McKnight Road)
Northern terminus of Truck US 19, southbound access only
Franklin Park78.9127.0 PA 910 / Orange Belt (Wexford Road)Interchange
Marshall Township81.5131.2 Red Belt (Warrendale Bayne Road) to PA 8 / PA 65
82.2132.3 I-79 south – PittsburghSouthbound access only; I-79 exit 75
ButlerCranberry Township83.3134.1 I-76 / Penna Turnpike – Youngstown, OH, HarrisburgI-76 / Penna Turnpike exit 28 (Cranberry)
83.8134.9 PA 228 east (Mars-Criders Road) to I-79 – MarsWestern terminus of PA 228
Jackson Township88.8142.9 PA 528 north (Lindsay Road) to I-79 south – Pittsburgh, Evans CitySouthern terminus of PA 528
Zelienople90.2145.2 I-79 north – ErieNo southbound exit, I-79 exit 85
91.6147.4 PA 68 west (Beaver Street) – RochesterSouthern terminus of PA 68 concurrency
91.9147.9 PA 288 west / PA 588 west (New Castle Street) – Ellwood City, Beaver FallsEastern terminus of PA 288
92.0148.1 PA 68 east (Grandview Avenue) to I-79 south – Evans City, ButlerNorthern terminus of PA 68 concurrency
Portersville101.4163.2 PA 488 east (Portersville Road) to I-79 – ProspectEastern terminus of PA 488 concurrency
101.6163.5 PA 488 west (Portersville Road) – Ellwood CityWestern terminus of PA 488 concurrency
Muddy Creek Township104.7168.5 US 422 (New Castle Road) – New Castle, ButlerInterchange
LawrenceScott Township105.8170.3 PA 108 (Harlansburg Road) – New Castle, Slippery Rock
106.1170.8 PA 956 north – Neshannock Falls, New WilmingtonSouthern terminus of PA 956
MercerSpringfield Township112.5181.1 PA 208 west (Leesburg Volant Road) – Volant, New WilmingtonSouthern terminus of PA 208 concurrency
112.6181.2 PA 208 east (Leesburg Grove City Road) to I-79 – Grove CityNorthern terminus of PA 208 concurrency
Findley Township116.9188.1 I-80 – Sharon, ClarionI-80 exit 15
Mercer119.2191.8 PA 58 east / PA 258 south (South Diamond Street) – Grove CityOne-way eastbound, southern terminus of PA 58 eastbound/PA 258 southbound concurrency
119.21191.85 US 62 south / PA 258 north (West Market Street) to PA 158 / PA 318 – SharonNorthern terminus of PA 258 southbound concurrency, southern terminus of US 62/PA 258 northbound concurrency
119.22191.87 PA 58 west / PA 258 north (North Diamond Street)One-way westbound, northern terminus of PA 258 northbound concurrency, southern terminus of PA 58 westbound concurrency
119.4192.2 PA 58 west (Greenville Avenue) – GreenvilleNorthern terminus of PA 58 concurrency
119.8192.8 US 62 north (Franklin Road) to I-79 – FranklinNorthern terminus of US 62 concurrency
Perry Township131.2211.1 PA 358 (Hadley Road) – Greenville, Sandy Lake
CrawfordGreenwood Township141.4227.6 PA 285 to I-79
Meadville147.2236.9 US 6 / US 322 west (Conneaut Lake Road) – Conneaut Lake
PA 98 north – Fairview
Roundabout; southern terminus of US 6/US 322 concurrency, southern terminus of PA 98
148.4238.8 I-79 – Pittsburgh, ErieI-79 exit 147
149.0239.8 PA 102 north (Pennsylvania Avenue)Southern terminus of PA 102
150.1241.6 US 322 east (Linden Street)Northern terminus of US 322 concurrency
Saegertown156.5251.9 PA 198 east (State Street) – Blooming ValleyRoundabout; southern terminus of PA 198 concurrency
157.2253.0 PA 198 west to I-79Roundabout; northern terminus of PA 198 concurrency
Cambridge Springs165.2265.9 PA 86 south (Main Street) / PA 408 east (Church Street)Northern terminus of PA 86, western terminus of PA 408
165.4266.2 PA 99 north (McClellan Street)Southern terminus of PA 99
ErieMill Village171.4275.8 US 6 east / US 6N west – Corry, EdinboroEastern terminus of US 6N
Northern terminus of US 6 concurrency
Waterford175.2282.0 PA 97 southRoundabout, southern terminus of PA 97 concurrency
176.7284.4 PA 97 north (Perry Highway)Northern terminus of PA 97 concurrency
Summit Township184.8297.4 I-90 – Cleveland, BuffaloI-90 exit 24
Millcreek Township186.1299.5 PA 99 south (Interchange Road) to I-79 – EdinboroNorthern terminus of PA 99, I-79 exit 180
Erie189.5305.0 US 20 (26th Street) – North East, Buffalo, Fairview, ClevelandNorthern terminus of US 19
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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