The UCAS Tariff (formerly called UCAS Points System) is used to allocate points to post-16 qualifications (Level 3 qualifications on the Regulated Qualifications Framework). Universities and colleges may use it when making offers to applicants. A points total is achieved by converting qualifications such as A levels (and many others) into points, making it simpler for course providers to compare applicants. It is used as a means of giving students from the United Kingdom places at UK universities.

Common ways for UCAS points to be calculated are through the UCAS Tariff Calculator, official tariff tables, or through third-party software and websites.

The UCAS Tariff was first introduced in 2001. Since then, however, both the range of qualifications held by applicants, and the variety of progression routes into higher education have increased. Therefore a new Tariff was introduced. The new UCAS Tariff points are based on a different methodology. The change to new UCAS Tariff will not in itself change entry requirements for university or college courses. Universities and colleges are independent organisations and each year they decide how to set their entry requirements. Those universities and colleges that use UCAS Tariff points to express their entry requirements will simply set their requirements using the new number system.[1]

Points system

The following qualifications can count towards the tariff:

GCE qualifications

New tariff

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A level UCAS points table (New Tariff)[2]
Grade UCAS Points
A* 56
A 48
B 40
C 32
D 24
E 16
AS level UCAS points table
Grade UCAS points
A 20
B 16
C 12
D 10
E 6
A level (Double Award) UCAS points table
Grade UCAS points
A*A* 112
A*A 104
AA 96
AB 88
BB 80
BC 72
CC 64
CD 56
DD 48
DE 40
EE 32
AS level (Double Award) UCAS points table
Grade UCAS points
AA 40
AB 36
BB 32
BC 28
CC 24
CD 22
DD 20
DE 16
EE 12

These are only offered by AQA and Edexcel.

A Level with additional AS Level UCAS points table
Grade UCAS points
A*A 76
AA 68
AB 64
BB 56
BC 52
CC 44
CD 42
DD 34
DE 30
EE 22

Original 2001 UCAS Points Tariff

UCAS initially introduced a university points tariff which created a points system to cover the GCE A-Level and AS-Level qualification for students starting higher education in September 2001. (GCE A and AS Levels awarded before 2001 do not attract UCAS points).

A level UCAS points table (Original 2001 Tariff)[1]
Grade UCAS Points
A 10
B 8
C 6
D 4
E 2
AS level UCAS points table (Original 2001 Tariff)
Grade UCAS points
A 5
B 4
C 3
D 2
E 1

Old tariff (2002-2016)

UCAS revamped the original tariff to a single points system which included the majority of post-16 academic qualifications (including the allocation of points to Advanced GNVQS and Key Skills). This change applied to students starting courses in 2002. Additional post-16 qualifcations were allocated points after this date.

A level UCAS points table (Old Tariff)[3]
Grade UCAS Points
A* 140
A 120
B 100
C 80
D 60
E 40
Grade UCAS points
A 60
B 50
C 40
D 30
E 20

International Baccalaureate

IBO Certificate in Higher Level UCAS points table[4]
Grade UCAS Points
H7 56
H6 48
H5 32
H4 24
H3 12
H2 0
H1 0
IBO Certificate in Standard Level UCAS points table
Grade UCAS Points
S7 28
S6 24
S5 16
S4 12
S3 6
S2 0
S1 0
IBO Certificate in Theory of Knowledge/Extended Essay UCAS points table
Grade UCAS Points
A 12
B 10
C 8
D 6
E 4

Full Diploma or each of its components.


T Levels

T Levels UCAS points table[5]
Grade UCAS points
Distinction* 168
Distinction 144
Merit 120
Pass (C or above) 96
Pass (D or E) 72

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

EPQ UCAS points table[6]
Grade UCAS points
A* 28
A 24
B 20
C 16
D 12
E 8

Scottish Qualifications Authority Qualifications

Main article: Scottish Qualifications Certificate

See also: Education in Scotland

Advanced Highers UCAS points table
Grade UCAS Points
A 56
B 48
C 40
D 32
Highers UCAS points table
Grade UCAS points
A 33
B 27
C 21
D 15

Advanced Placement exams

Advanced Placement UCAS points table[7]
Grade UCAS Points
5 28
4 24
3 20
2 16
1 12

Irish Leaving Certificate

Irish Leaving Certificate Higher Level UCAS points table[8]
Grade UCAS Points
H1 36
H2 30
H3 24
H4 18
H5 12
H6 9
Irish Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level UCAS points table
Grade UCAS Points
O1 12
O2 10
O3 8
O4 6

Music exams

These are only counted if at grade 6 or above.

Theory of Music UCAS points table
Level and Grade UCAS points
Grade 6 Pass 4
Grade 6 Merit 5
Grade 6 Distinction 6
Grade 7 Pass 6
Grade 7 Merit 7
Grade 7 Distinction 8
Grade 8 Pass 8
Grade 8 Merit 9
Grade 8 Distinction 10
Music Practical UCAS points table
Level and Grade UCAS points
Grade 6 Pass 8
Grade 6 Merit 10
Grade 6 Distinction 12
Grade 7 Pass 12
Grade 7 Merit 14
Grade 7 Distinction 16
Grade 8 Pass 18
Grade 8 Merit 24
Grade 8 Distinction 30

Speech & Drama exams

These are only counted if at grade 1 or above.


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