UCI ProSeries
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2021 UCI ProSeries
SportRoad bicycle racing
CountryEurope, Asia, Argentina and United States

The UCI ProSeries is the second tier men's elite road cycling tour from its inaugural season in 2020. The series will be placed below the UCI World Tour, but above the various regional UCI Continental Circuits.


In December 2018, the UCI announced various reforms to the structure and organisation of men's professional road racing.[1] One of the major changes is the introduction of a new division of races called the UCI ProSeries. With the introduction of the ProSeries, the UCI .HC road races will disappear from the calendar. In October 2019, the UCI published the 2020 UCI International Road Calendar, including the ProSeries. [2] The inaugural season of the ProSeries will feature 57 events, which were formerly World Tour, .HC or .1 events.

Team participation

In events of the ProSeries, UCI WorldTeams may participate, up to a maximum of 70% in European races and 65% in other races. The rest of the teams participating may be UCI ProTeams, UCI continental teams and National teams.[3]


The UCI ProSeries consists of 57 events of which 30 are one-day races (1.Pro) and 27 are stage races (2.Pro). There are 49 events in Europe, 5 in Asia and 3 in America. The number of points on offer per event toward the UCI World Ranking is yet to be confirmed.


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