University of Illinois School of Social Work
DeanSteve Anderson[2]
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AffiliationsUniversity of Illinois

The School of Social Work is a school at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign which exclusively focuses on social work education. The school was originally a graduate school, but began an undergraduate program in Fall 2010.[4][5]

On July 28, 2017, Steve Anderson was named as the new dean of the school.[6] He succeeded Wynne Korr on September 15. Korr had served since 2002.[7]


In the late 1930s, the Public Welfare department of the state of Illinois proposed that the University of Illinois develop a program for training in social administration, similar to the programs developed at schools such as the University of Wisconsin, the University of Iowa, and Northwestern University. But by 1941, a portion of the Illinois program (along with other schools’ programs) had to be discontinued due to the strain of the war on the University and its students.

The University then hired a consultant from the American Association of the Schools of Social Work to examine the possibility of creating a social work school. The Association suggested that for a school of social work to be successful, a full-time director, trained in the field of social work, was needed.

Marietta Stevenson, with a PhD in political science and experience working for the American Public Welfare Association, arrived in 1943 to head the University's new social work division. Stevenson eventually renamed the program the School of Social Work, and dedicated herself to building cooperative relationships with social work agencies in order to provide fieldwork placement for students. She even held classes at Chicago's Navy Pier so students could work in field placements in the city’s more urban setting.[8]


The School of Social Work houses one building, located on Nevada Street in Urbana. Until 2009, the building used to be housed on Oregon Street.[9] The current location is three blocks east of the Main Quadrangle, and a block east of Busey–Evans Residence Halls.


As of 2016, the master's program has been ranked #16 nationally by U.S. News & World Report.[10]


Any student pursuing their MSW can choose from five different concentrations.[11]

Leadership and Social Change

Leadership and Social Change prepares students for a social work career focused on advocacy. The curriculum also includes international social work advocacy.[11]

Children, Youth, and Family Services

Children, Youth, and Family services prepares students for a social work career focused on serving disadvantaged children, youth, and families.[11]

Health Care

Health Care prepares students for a social work career focused on the medical field. Within this concentration, the social worker acts as a supportive network for their hospitalized client in need.[11]

Mental Health

Mental Health social workers focus on the internal mental problems that ail their clients.[11]

School Social Work

School Social Work prepares students to become Social Workers in schools.[11]


Bachelor of Social Work

Students pursuing their bachelor's degree must complete the following:[12]

Master of Social Work

Students pursuing their master's degree must complete the required coursework and a semester long internship.[13]

PhD of Social Work

Students pursuing a doctorate degree must complete coursework organized around five curricular components: seminars in social welfare policy, research methodologies and statistics, an interdisciplinary area of study, a qualifying exam, and a dissertation. [14]


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