UNIX Review
EditorJoe Casad, Rikki Endsley, Christi Bear
CategoriesComputer magazines
Final issue2000
CountryUnited States
Based inRenton, Washington

UNIX Review was an American magazine covering technical aspects of the UNIX operating system and C programming. Recognized for its in-depth technical analysis,[1] the journal also reported on industry confabs and included some lighter fare.

History and profile

It was founded in 1983.[2][3] In 1985 it was acquired by Miller Freeman.[3] The journal was renamed to UNIX Review's Performance Computing (UR/PC) Magazine with the April 1998 issue,[4] and ceased publication in 2000.[3] The online publication ceased in 2007.[5] It was published by REVIEW Publications of Renton, Washington. The rights to the title passed to United Business Media (formerly CMP Media),[5][6] which was absorbed by Informa in 2018.

Regular contributors

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