ORS-1 graphic.jpg
Illustration of the ORS-1 satellite
Mission typeImaging
OperatorUS DoD
COSPAR ID2011-029A Edit this at Wikidata
SATCAT no.37728
Spacecraft properties
BusATK satellite bus[clarification needed]
ManufacturerAlliant Techsystems
Launch mass434 kilograms (957 lb)[1]
Start of mission
Launch dateJune 30, 2011, 03:09 (2011-06-30UTC03:09Z) UTC[2]
RocketMinotaur I
Launch siteMid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport LP-0B
ContractorOrbital Sciences
Orbital parameters
Reference systemGeocentric
RegimeLow Earth
Perigee altitude423 kilometers (263 mi)[3]
Apogee altitude427 kilometers (265 mi)[3]
Inclination40.07 degrees[3]
Period92.93 minutes[3]
EpochJanuary 13, 2015, 04:45:04 UTC[3]

USA-231,[4] or ORS-1 (Operationally Responsive Space-1) is an American reconnaissance satellite which was launched in 2011 from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility, Virginia by a Minotaur I launch vehicle.[2] It is the first operational satellite of the Operationally Responsive Space Office. It is equipped with a SYERS 2A sensor.[5]

ORS-1 satellite is designed to provide orbital space imagery of Southwest Asia and to enhance battlespace awareness to operational field commanders. The ORS-1 will undergo a 30-day trial and adjustment check before the ORS Office turns over it operations to USAF's 1st Space Operations Squadron at Schriever AFB, Colorado.[2]

Minotaur I Rocket Launch at NASA Wallops, June 30, 2011 with ORS-1
Minotaur I Rocket Launch at NASA Wallops, June 30, 2011 with ORS-1


SYERS 2 is an optical and infrared camera with a 40 cm aperature and a field of view larger than 2 degrees. It uses Time Delay and Integration CCD sensors to compensate for ground motion, resulting in a resolution of 1m (NIIRS 4) from a nominal 300 km orbit.[6] SYERS 2 is supplied by the Goodrich Corporation.

SYERS is also carried by the Lockheed U-2 reconnaissance aircraft.[7]

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