Mk II talker helmet
The US Navy Mk II talker helmet
TypeCombat helmet
Place of originUnited States of America
Service history
In service1942–1980s
Used byUS Navy, US Coast Guard[1]
WarsWorld War II
Production history
DesignerBeaver Edwards [2]
ManufacturerMcCord Radiators Company [2] [3]
Width28.6 cm [1]
Height21.6 cm [1]
Diameter32.4 cm [1]

The US Navy Mk II talker helmet was a combat helmet used by the US Navy from the Second World War and into the 1980s.[3] [4]


In 1942, the US Navy decided to commission a special helmet for sailors posted on decks and tasked with transmitting orders by sound-powered telephone. The new helmet was to protect "exposed deck personnel" and accommodate a telephone headset; furthermore, it had to be usable while wearing a gas mask and binoculars.[2]

The helmet was made of non-magnetic Hadefield manganese steel.[3] Designated "USN MK-2",[4] was at the time the largest helmet ever used in US service. [2]



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