Union for the Republic
Unione per la Repubblica
LeaderFrancesco Cossiga
Founded5 November 1999
Dissolved21 May 2001
Merged intoForza Italia
IdeologyChristian democracy
Political positionCentre
National affiliationThe Clover

The Union for the Republic (Italian: Unione per la Repubblica, UpR) was a centrist political party in Italy.

It was formed by Francesco Cossiga and his followers after the break-up of the Democratic Union for the Republic (UDR) in November 1999.

The UpR formed a short-lived centrist alliance called The Clover with the Italian Democratic Socialists (SDI) and Italian Republican Party (PRI), which was responsible for the fall of the D'Alema I Cabinet on 18 December.[1][2] Consequently, the UpR did not enter in D'Alema II Cabinet.

Most of UpR members, with the notable exception of Carlo Scognamiglio, joined Forza Italia prior to the 2001 general election.


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