United Reform Action

Ujedinjena reformska akcija
Уједињена реформска акција
LeaderDritan Abazović
FounderŽarko Rakčević
Founded14 March 2015
Political positionCentre-left
European affiliationEuropean Greens[1]
International affiliationGlobal Greens[1][2]
Slogan"In black and white"
4 / 81
Local Parliaments
19 / 786
Party flag

The Civic Movement United Reform Action (Montenegrin: Građanski Pokret Ujedinjena reformska akcija / Грађански покрет Уједињена реформска акција), commonly known as simply United Reform Action, or by its abbreviation URA, is a social liberal,[3] progressive and green party in Montenegro. Its current leaders is Dritan Abazović, incumbent Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro.


Founded in March 2015[4] by Žarko Rakčević, a civil engineer and former member and president of Social Democratic Party, before the 2016 parliamentary election URA had two MPs in the Parliament of Montenegro: Dritan Abazović and Miloš Konatar, both elected in 2012 from the electoral list of Positive Montenegro.[1]

In September 2016, URA decided to enter the Key Coalition with Demos and SNP in order to participate at the forthcoming parliamentary election.[5] The Key Coalition won 11.05% of votes and 9 seats, two of them being won by URA candidates. In 2017, Dritan Abazović was elected as the new party leader.[6]

Civic Movement URA decided to run independently at the 2020 parliamentary election, presenting its green politics and anti-corruption "In black and white" election platform, led by independent candidates, including well known journalist and activist Milka Tadić, some university professors, journalists, civic and NGO activists, with the party leader Dritan Abazović as a ballot carrier.[7] URA electoral list also contains one representative of the Bosniak minority interests Justice and Reconciliation Party, as well of some minor localist parties and initiatives.[8]

On 4 December 2020, the new big tent cabinet of Montenegro was elected by 41 out of 81 members of the Parliament of Montenegro, and independent candidate Zdravko Krivokapić became the new Prime Minister of Montenegro, with the URA leader Dritan Abazović as new Deputy Prime Minister, formally ending three decades of the DPS regime in the country.[9]


Parliamentary elections

Parliament of Montenegro
Year Popular vote % of popular vote Overall seats won ± Alliance Government
2015 Split from Positive Montenegro
2 / 81
Increase 2 opposition
2016 42,295 11.05%
2 / 81
Steady Ključ opposition
2020 22,679 5.54%
4 / 81
Increase 2 government

Presidential elections

President of Montenegro
Year Candidate 1st round votes % of votes 2nd round votes % of votes
2018 Mladen Bojanić[a] 2nd

a Independent candidate, support


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