United States Adult Soccer Association
CountryUnited States
Level on pyramid5–13
Domestic cup(s)US Open Cup
National Amateur Cup

The United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) is a national organization for amateur soccer in the United States. It consists of 55 state organizations as well as national, regional and state leagues.

The National Premier Soccer League, USL League Two, NISA Nation and United Premier Soccer League are USASA national affiliates designed to promote a higher level of competition than the state organizations. USASA also affiliates the Women's Premier Soccer League, one of the unrecognized second division leagues below the fully professional NWSL.

USASA has over 250,000 adult members within its leagues and teams.


State and local associations operate leagues under the umbrella of the USASA. The national organization is split into four regions:

Region I

Region II

Region III

Region IV

National Tier Structure

In 2018, the USASA introduced a tiered system for amateur soccer.[1] Three tiers with standard requirements include: Tiers I and II are designed for leagues that have or wish to have a national footprint. Tier III is for leagues that operate in multiple states.

In addition to general requirements of all member leagues, Tiers I, II and III must meet these criteria:

USASA Tier Structure Requirements
Member Clubs Season length Footprint Stadium
Tier I Minimum of 36 Minimum of four months Clubs located in all four time zones Capacity of 500 or more
Tier II Minimum of 24 Minimum of four months Clubs located in three time zones Capacity of 250 or more
Tier III Minimum of 12 Minimum of four months Clubs located in four or more states none

Affiliated Amateur Adult Leagues

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Hank Steinbrecher Cup

In 2013, USASA began a competition to pit the champions of the different men's amateur competitions (USASA National Amateur Cup, NPSL, USL2 and defending cup holder) against each other for the title of "USA National Amateur Champions."

Year Winner Result Runner-up Third Place Result Fourth Place
2013 Carolina Dynamo 1–1 (3–2 PK's) LVU Sonic Croatian Eagles 3–1 Battery Park Gunners
2014 RWB Adria 1–0 Sonoma County Sol NTX Rayados Ocean City Nor'easters
2015 Chattanooga FC[2] 3–0 Michigan Bucks Maryland Bays NY Greek Americans
2016 Chicago Fire U23[3][4][5] 2–1 Chattanooga FC Quinto Elemento FC West Chester United
2017 Michigan Bucks 3–0 AFC Cleveland Chicago FC United 4–0 Christos FC
2018 Michigan Bucks[6] 2–0 Charlotte Eagles Lansdowne Bhoys FC 2–1 Elm City Express
2019 Flint City Bucks[7] 3–0 Chicago FC United FC Motown 3-1 Milwaukee Bavarian SC[8]
2020 Cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic

National Amateur Cup

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