These are tables of congressional delegations from New Hampshire to the United States Senate and United States House of Representatives.

The current dean of the New Hampshire delegation is Senator Jeanne Shaheen, having served in the Senate since 2009.

Current delegation
Jeanne Shaheen
Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D)
Maggie Hassan
Senator Maggie Hassan (D)

United States Senate

Main article: List of United States senators from New Hampshire

Class II senator Congress Class III senator
Paine Wingate (AA) 1st (1789–1791) John Langdon (PA)
2nd (1791–1793)
Samuel Livermore (PA) 3rd (1793–1795) John Langdon (AA)
Samuel Livermore (F) 4th (1795–1797) John Langdon (DR)
5th (1797–1799)
6th (1799–1801)
7th (1801–1803) James Sheafe (F)
Simeon Olcott (F) William Plumer (F)
8th (1803–1805)
Nicholas Gilman (DR) 9th (1805–1807)
10th (1807–1809) Nahum Parker (DR)
11th (1809–1811)
Charles Cutts (F)
12th (1811–1813)
13th (1813–1815)
Thomas W. Thompson (F) Jeremiah Mason (F)
14th (1815–1817)
David L. Morril (DR) 15th (1817–1819)
Clement Storer (DR)
16th (1819–1821) John Fabyan Parrott (DR)
17th (1821–1823)
Samuel Bell (DR) 18th (1823–1825)
Samuel Bell (NR) 19th (1825–1827) Levi Woodbury (J)
20th (1827–1829)
21st (1829–1831)
22nd (1831–1833) Isaac Hill (J)
23rd (1833–1835)
Henry Hubbard (J) 24th (1835–1837)
John Page (J)
Henry Hubbard (D) 25th (1837–1839) Franklin Pierce (D)
26th (1839–1841)
Levi Woodbury (D) 27th (1841–1843)
Leonard Wilcox (D)
28th (1843–1845) Charles G. Atherton (D)
29th (1845–1847)
Benning W. Jenness (D)
Joseph Cilley (Lty)
John P. Hale (ID) 30th (1847–1849)
John P. Hale (FS) 31st (1849–1851) Moses Norris Jr. (D)
32nd (1851–1853)
Charles G. Atherton (D) 33rd (1853–1855)
Jared W. Williams (D) John S. Wells (D)
John P. Hale (R) 34th (1855–1857) James Bell (R)
35th (1857–1859)
Daniel Clark (R)
36th (1859–1861)
37th (1861–1863)
38th (1863–1865)
Aaron H. Cragin (R) 39th (1865–1867)
George G. Fogg (R)
40th (1867–1869) James W. Patterson (R)
41st (1869–1871)
42nd (1871–1873)
43rd (1873–1875) Bainbridge Wadleigh (R)
44th (1875–1877)
Edward H. Rollins (R) 45th (1877–1879)
46th (1879–1881) Charles H. Bell (R)
Henry W. Blair (R)
47th (1881–1883)
Austin F. Pike (R) 48th (1883–1885)
49th (1885–1887)
Person Colby Cheney (R)
50th (1887–1889)
William E. Chandler (R)
Gilman Marston (R) 51st (1889–1891)
William E. Chandler (R)
52nd (1891–1893) Jacob Harold Gallinger (R)
53rd (1893–1895)
54th (1895–1897)
55th (1897–1899)
56th (1899–1901)
Henry E. Burnham (R) 57th (1901–1903)
58th (1903–1905)
59th (1905–1907)
60th (1907–1909)
61st (1909–1911)
62nd (1911–1913)
Henry F. Hollis (D) 63rd (1913–1915)
64th (1915–1917)
65th (1917–1919)
Irving W. Drew (R)
George H. Moses (R)
Henry W. Keyes (R) 66th (1919–1921)
67th (1921–1923)
68th (1923–1925)
69th (1925–1927)
70th (1927–1929)
71st (1929–1931)
72nd (1931–1933)
73rd (1933–1935) Fred H. Brown (D)
74th (1935–1937)
Styles Bridges (R) 75th (1937–1939)
76th (1939–1941) Charles W. Tobey (R)
77th (1941–1943)
78th (1943–1945)
79th (1945–1947)
80th (1947–1949)
81st (1949–1951)
82nd (1951–1953)
83rd (1953–1955)
Robert W. Upton (R)
Norris Cotton (R)
84th (1955–1957)
85th (1957–1959)
86th (1959–1961)
87th (1961–1963)
Maurice J. Murphy Jr. (R)
Thomas J. McIntyre (D)
88th (1963–1965)
89th (1965–1967)
90th (1967–1969)
91st (1969–1971)
92nd (1971–1973)
93rd (1973–1975)
Louis C. Wyman (R)
94th (1975–1977) Norris Cotton (R)
John A. Durkin (D)
95th (1977–1979)
Gordon J. Humphrey (R) 96th (1979–1981)
Warren Rudman (R)
97th (1981–1983)
98th (1983–1985)
99th (1985–1987)
100th (1987–1989)
101st (1989–1991)
Bob Smith (R)
102nd (1991–1993)
103rd (1993–1995) Judd Gregg (R)
104th (1995–1997)
105th (1997–1999)
106th (1999–2001)
107th (2001–2003)
John E. Sununu (R) 108th (2003–2005)
109th (2005–2007)
110th (2007–2009)
Jeanne Shaheen (D) 111th (2009–2011)
112th (2011–2013) Kelly Ayotte (R)
113th (2013–2015)
114th (2015–2017)
115th (2017–2019) Maggie Hassan (D)
116th (2019–2021)
117th (2021–2023)

United States House of Representatives

Main article: List of United States representatives from New Hampshire

1789-1793: Three at-large seats

Congress At-large seat A At-large seat B At-large seat C
1st (1789–1791) Abiel Foster (PA) Nicholas Gilman (PA) Samuel Livermore (AA)
2nd (1791–1793) Jeremiah Smith (PA) Samuel Livermore (PA)

1793-1803: Four at-large seats

Congress At-large seat A At-large seat B At-large seat C At-large seat D
3rd (1793–1795) Jeremiah Smith (PA) Nicholas Gilman (PA) John Samuel
Paine Wingate (PA)
4th (1795–1797) Jeremiah Smith (F) Nicholas Gilman (F) John Samuel
Abiel Foster (F)
5th (1797–1799) Jonathan Freeman (F) William Gordon (F)
Peleg Sprague (F)
6th (1799–1801) James Sheafe (F)
Samuel Tenney (F)
7th (1801–1803) George B. Upham (F) Joseph Peirce (F)
Samuel Hunt (F)

1803-1813: Five at-large seats

Congress At-large seat A At-large seat B At-large seat C At-large seat D At-large seat E
8th (1803–1805) Silas Betton (F) Samuel Hunt (F) Samuel Tenney (F) David Hough (F) Clifton Clagett (F)
9th (1805–1807) Thomas W. Thompson (F) Caleb Ellis (F)
10th (1807–1809) Peter Carleton (DR) Daniel Meserve
Francis Gardner (DR) Jedediah K. Smith (DR) Clement Storer (DR)
11th (1809–1811) Daniel Blaisdell (F) John Curtis
William Hale (F) Nathaniel Appleton
James Wilson (F)
12th (1811–1813) Josiah Bartlett Jr. (DR) Samuel Dinsmoor (DR) Obed Hall (DR) John Adams Harper (DR) George Sullivan (F)

1813-1833: Six at-large seats

Congress At-large seat A At-large seat B At-large seat C At-large seat D At-large seat E At-large seat F
13th (1813–1815) Bradbury Cilley (F) Samuel Smith (F) William Hale (F) Roger Vose (F) Daniel Webster (F) Jeduthun Wilcox (F)
14th (1815–1817) Charles Humphrey
15th (1817–1819) Josiah Butler (DR) Nathaniel
Clifton Clagett (DR) Salma Hale (DR) Arthur
John Fabyan
16th (1819–1821) Joseph Buffum Jr. (DR) William
Plumer Jr.
17th (1821–1823) Matthew
Aaron Matson (DR)[a] Thomas
Whipple Jr.
18th (1823–1825) Ichabod
19th (1825–1827) Ichabod
Titus Brown (NR) Jonathan Harvey (J) Joseph Healy (NR) Thomas
Whipple Jr.
20th (1827–1829) David Barker Jr. (NR)
21st (1829–1831) John Brodhead (J) Thomas Chandler (J) Joseph Hammons (J) Henry Hubbard (J) John W. Weeks (J)
22nd (1831–1833) Joseph M. Harper (J)

1833-1843: Five at-large seats

Congress At-large seat A At-large seat B At-large seat C At-large seat D At-large seat E
23rd (1833–1835) Benning M. Bean (J) Robert Burns (J) Franklin Pierce (J) Joseph M. Harper (J) Henry Hubbard (J)
24th (1835–1837) Samuel Cushman (J) Joseph Weeks (J)
25th (1837–1839) Charles G. Atherton (D) James Farrington (D) Jared W. Williams (D) Samuel Cushman (D) Joseph Weeks (D)
26th (1839–1841) Edmund Burke (D) Ira Allen Eastman (D) Tristram Shaw (D)
27th (1841–1843) John Randall

1843-1847: Four seats

From 1843, four seats were allocated at-large. Starting in 1847, however, these seats were represented in districts.

Congress At-large seat A At-large seat B At-large seat C At-large seat D
28th (1843–1845) Moses Norris Jr. (D) Edmund Burke (D) John Randall
John P. Hale (D)
29th (1845–1847) Mace Moulton (D) James Hutchins
Congress 1st District 2nd District 3rd District 4th District
30th (1847–1849) Amos Tuck (I) Charles H. Peaslee (D) James Hutchins
James Wilson II (W)
31st (1849–1851) Amos Tuck (FS) Harry Hibbard (D)
George W. Morrison (D)
32nd (1851–1853) Amos Tuck (W) Jared Perkins (W)

1853-1883: Three districts

Congress 1st District 2nd District 3rd District
33rd (1853–1855) George W. Kittredge (D) George W. Morrison (D) Harry Hibbard (D)
34th (1855–1857) James Pike (KN) Mason Tappan (KN) Aaron H. Cragin (KN)
35th (1857–1859) James Pike (R) Mason Tappan (R) Aaron H. Cragin (R)
36th (1859–1861) Gilman Marston (R) Thomas M. Edwards (R)
37th (1861–1863) Edward H. Rollins (R)
38th (1863–1865) Daniel Marcy (D) James W. Patterson (R)
39th (1865–1867) Gilman Marston (R)
40th (1867–1869) Jacob Hart Ela (R) Aaron Fletcher
Jacob Benton (R)
41st (1869–1871)
42nd (1871–1873) Ellery Albee Hibbard (D) Samuel Newell Bell (D) Hosea Washington
43rd (1873–1875) William B. Small (R) Austin F. Pike (R)
44th (1875–1877) Frank Jones (D) Samuel Newell Bell (D) Henry W. Blair (R)
45th (1877–1879) James Frankland
46th (1879–1881) Joshua G. Hall (R) Evarts Worcester Farr (R)
Ossian Ray (R)
47th (1881–1883)

1883-present: Two districts

Congress 1st District 2nd District
48th (1883–1885) Martin Alonzo
Ossian Ray (R)
49th (1885–1887) Jacob Harold
50th (1887–1889) Luther F. McKinney (D)
51st (1889–1891) Alonzo Nute (R) Orren C. Moore (R)
52nd (1891–1893) Luther F. McKinney (D) Warren F. Daniell (D)
53rd (1893–1895) Henry W. Blair (R) Henry Moore Baker (R)
54th (1895–1897) Cyrus A. Sulloway (R)
55th (1897–1899) Frank Gay Clarke (R)
56th (1899–1901)
57th (1901–1903) Frank Dunklee
58th (1903–1905)
59th (1905–1907)
60th (1907–1909)
61st (1909–1911)
62nd (1911–1913)
63rd (1913–1915) Eugene Elliott Reed (D) Raymond Bartlett
64th (1915–1917) Cyrus A. Sulloway (R) Edward Hills
65th (1917–1919) Sherman Everett
66th (1919–1921)
67th (1921–1923)
68th (1923–1925) William Nathaniel
69th (1925–1927) Fletcher Hale (R)
70th (1927–1929)
71st (1929–1931)
72nd (1931–1933) William Nathaniel
73rd (1933–1935) Charles W. Tobey (R)
74th (1935–1937)
75th (1937–1939) Arthur B. Jenks (R)
Alphonse Roy (D)
76th (1939–1941) Arthur B. Jenks (R) Foster Waterman
77th (1941–1943)
78th (1943–1945) Chester Earl Merrow (R)
79th (1945–1947) Sherman Adams (R)
80th (1947–1949) Norris Cotton (R)
81st (1949–1951)
82nd (1951–1953)
83rd (1953–1955)
84th (1955–1957) Perkins Bass (R)
85th (1957–1959)
86th (1959–1961)
87th (1961–1963)
88th (1963–1965) Louis C. Wyman (R) James Colgate
89th (1965–1967) Joseph Oliva Huot (D)
90th (1967–1969) Louis C. Wyman (R)
91st (1969–1971)
92nd (1971–1973)
93rd (1973–1975)
94th (1975–1977) Norman D'Amours (D)
95th (1977–1979)
96th (1979–1981)
97th (1981–1983) Judd Gregg (R)
98th (1983–1985)
99th (1985–1987) Bob Smith (R)
100th (1987–1989)
101st (1989–1991) Charles Douglas III (R)
102nd (1991–1993) Bill Zeliff (R) Richard Swett (D)
103rd (1993–1995)
104th (1995–1997) Charles Bass (R)
105th (1997–1999) John E. Sununu (R)
106th (1999–2001)
107th (2001–2003)
108th (2003–2005) Jeb Bradley (R)
109th (2005–2007)
110th (2007–2009) Carol Shea-Porter (D) Paul Hodes (D)
111th (2009–2011)
112th (2011–2013) Frank Guinta (R) Charles Bass (R)
113th (2013–2015) Carol Shea-Porter (D) Annie Kuster (D)
114th (2015–2017) Frank Guinta (R)
115th (2017–2019) Carol Shea-Porter (D)
116th (2019–2021) Chris Pappas (D)
117th (2021–2023)
Congress 1st District 2nd District


Anti-Administration (AA)
Democratic (D)
Democratic-Republican (DR)
Federalist (F)
Pro-Administration (PA)
Free Soil (FS)
Jacksonian (J)
Liberty (Lty)
National Republican (NR)
Opposition Northern (O)
Republican (R)
Whig (W)

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  1. ^ a b c d e f Supported the Adams-Clay ticket in the 1824 United States presidential election.