University of Toronto Press
Parent companyUniversity of Toronto
Country of originCanada
Headquarters locationToronto, Ontario, Canada
Publication typesScholarly books and journals

The University of Toronto Press is a Canadian university press.[1] Although it was founded in 1901, the press did not actually publish any books until 1911.[2]

The press originally printed only examination books and the university calendar.[3] Its first scholarly book was a work by a classics professor at University College, Toronto.[3] The press took control of the university bookstore in 1933.[3] It employed a novel typesetting method to print issues of the Canadian Journal of Mathematics, founded in 1949.[4]

The press has always had close ties with University of Toronto Libraries. The press was partially located in the library from 1910-1920. The University Librarian Hugh Hornby Langton, the lead librarian of the University of Toronto Libraries, served as the first general editor of the University of Toronto Press. [5]

Sidney Earle Smith, president of the University of Toronto in the late 1940s and 1950s, instituted a new governance arrangement for the press modelled on the governing structure of the university as a whole (on the standard Canadian university governance model defined by the Flavelle commission). Henceforth, the press's business affairs and editorial decision-making would be governed by separate committees, the latter by academic faculty.[6] A committee composed of Vincent Bladen, George Williams Brown (general editor of the press from 1951[7]), and A. S. P. Woodhouse studied the publishing policies of American university presses to inform the structure of the press's publishing division.[6]

Beginning in 1971, the press printed its books simultaneously on paper and microfiche.[8]

The press is currently a member of the Association of University Presses.[9]

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