Up in the World
"Up in the World".jpg
Original British 1-sheet poster
Directed byJohn Paddy Carstairs
Written byJack Davies
Henry Blyth
Peter Blackmore
Produced byEarl St. John
Hugh Stewart
StarringNorman Wisdom
Maureen Swanson
Jerry Desmonde
CinematographyJack E. Cox
Edited byJohn Shirley
Music byPhilip Green
Distributed byJ. Arthur Rank Film Distributors
Release date
6 December 1956 (UK)
Running time
87 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

Up in the World is a 1956 black and white comedy film directed by John Paddy Carstairs and starring Norman Wisdom, Maureen Swanson and Jerry Desmonde. It was produced by Rank.


Norman is given a job as a window cleaner at a stately home by the Labour Exchange.

He quickly encounters young Sir Reginald, an obnoxious teenager has an extremely over-protective mother. Due to Reginald's age, the estate is run by the pompous Major Willoughby.

The whole household must kowtow to Reginald. This is epitomised in an estate football match where everyone understands that Reginald must win but Norman doesn't understand this.

Meanwhile Norman develops a romance with the maid, Jeannie.

Reginald demands that Norman take him to London to see a magic show. He tortures him by tickling his feet with a feather and demands that they go that evening... which means he can't take Jeannie to the dance.

Norman is tricked into breaking the TV and a bogus repair van comes to the house. The have come to kidnap Regi but take Maurice by mistake, as REgi has gone off with Norman.

Norman and Regi go to a show and have dinner together. By coincidence it is owned by the kidnappers. When police arrive the kidnappers pin the blame on Norman. Regi gets a bump on the head a and remembers nothing. Norman gets sentenced to 25 years in prison. But, as the one serving the longest sentence he becomes the boss of the group of prisoners. Cleaning prison windows on a long ladder he accidentally escapes.

Heading back to Banderville Hall a series of mishaps ends with him looking like a paratrooper and enters the estate with an army group searching for the escapee. Norman tracks down Jeannie at an ongoing fancy dress party and dresses himself as a harem girl. After a dance with the Major he tries to get Regi to remember him.

Jeannie and Norman fight off guests and army from the gallery. The army starts to use tear gas but Norman bats it back into the party-goers. In the commotion Regi bumps his head and remembers everything.

Norman and Jeannie get married.with The Sergeant and his men as wedding guests in morning dress.


Critical reception


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