Urbasa landscape
Highest point
Elevation1,493 m (4,898 ft)
Coordinates42° 50' 18" N, 2° 09' 57" E
Language of nameBasque
LocationNavarre, Spain
Parent rangeBasque mountains
Location of the Urbasa Range in Navarre
Location of the Urbasa Range in Navarre

The Urbasa Range (Urbasa mendilerroa in Basque and Sierra de Urbasa in Spanish) is a mountain range of western Navarre, Spain, part of the Basque Mountains. Its highest point is the 1,183-metre-high Baiza.

Urbasa is a karstic range where numerous nummulites fossils have been found.[1]

Together with the neighboring Andia range, Urbasa is part of the Urbasa-Andia Natural Park.


  1. Baiza 1,183 m.
  2. Iruaitzeta 1,144 m.
  3. Santa Marina 1,068 m.
  4. Bargagain 1,157 m.


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Coordinates: 42°50′18″N 2°09′57″W / 42.83833°N 2.16583°W / 42.83833; -2.16583