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Hi my name is BulldozerD11 and I can also be found on Commons. I started editing on May 2008 . My main interest is in articles relating to the Sheffield, Yorkshire, Derbyshire and I am an member of the Yorkshire wikiproject.


I have a wide ranging interests, stemming from a fascination with how things work and why is that done like that. Started editing after kept finding mistakes or missing info. Interested in Sheffield Area related stuff, Engineering, Buildings and Structures, Bit of history etc.

Avid reader and collector of books, on Architecture, Building, History, Maps, construction Plant & Tractors.

Also working on Creating Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki

And plan to give some articles back to wikipedia, for missing items that are included in the Tractor Wiki scope. cheers - (BulldozerD11)

Health Warning[edit]

Warning WIKIPEDIA is Highly addictive and very good at dragging you off from the original course of what you were looking at as you follow interesting links.!!!


Populate categories

Category:Companies based in Sheffield Category:Companies based in Yorkshire Category:Companies based in Derbyshire Category:Companies based in Lincolnshire Category:Companies based in Nottinghamshire

  • Add old companies to suitable categories


Tag articles for above projects & ((WP Bio)) , ((WPUKgeo)) & ((WikiProject Trains)) (UK=yes) were appropriate


Assist in assessing Articles for Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, Sheffield & Yorkshire projects

My Creations[edit]

Sheffield Companies List Box

Seen the Box for Structures and thought it was a good idea, so have created a trial version for Sheffield Companies (see /Sandbox, as coverage of older local companies is poor, have found a few related article that were a bit orphaned, but a lot need articles creating for them. comments on the classifications to group firms in welcome.

Cleaned up & Cut down version at User:BulldozerD11/Sandbox/3 for comment, pre release.

Construction Companies List Box

List of the Top Construction firms and related industries, (derived from footsie 250 List) & Construction news Table published annually. See here : /Sandbox2

Yorkshire Powerstations Navbox

Draft of a Yorkshire and Humber powerstations box is here ; Sandbox/4- Has now Gone Live.

Interest in these Wiki Projects

Rant Bit

Aim to fill in some of the gaps in info if the AfD Wiki (Zelots) of that (article)s not worth including (as its no interest to them) dont get there first and snuff articles out (forgetting the basic 5 rules bit), but keep whole sections that are only half a story, or pure corporate publicity rip offs, but are more interested in punctuation & grammar. (rant over). Dont Delete - It improve it, even if it just bringing it to the attention of others with the knowledge, time, or patience to sort it out. If Ive added it to a WikiProject thats why.

Wiki Looks Simple But

It all looks so simple, Just Edit and add Bits, but then you find loads of rules:- codes to add, refs to sort out, Style, Projects, Links, etc. so if i get it wrong sorry but it was done with good faith and was trying to be BOLD. Just dont get worked up about my spelling, as its not my main concern, Knowledge and information more important to me.

To Do List

Articles to write/expand or find for local Companies list:-

Sheffield Companies

Various Cutlery & Tool firms

-to add articles for

Various construction Companies & Structures related items

Construction plant manufactures

Chesterfield & Derbyshire firms

Templates for Links Various subjects

Usefull links

(a way for me and others to get to bits of wiki without having to remember the full tittle !)

((Project Derbyshire

((Infobox Company)) Company info box gives

Vertical list Requirements
((Infobox Company
| name             = 
| logo             = 
| type             = 
| genre            = 
| foundation       = 
| founder          = 
| location_city    = 
| location_country = 
| location         = 
| locations        = 
| area_served      = 
| key_people       = 
| industry         = 
| products         = 
| services         = 
| market cap       = 
| revenue          = 
| operating_income = 
| net_income       = 
| assets           = 
| equity           = 
| owner            = 
| num_employees    = 
| parent           = 
| divisions        = 
| subsid           = 
| homepage         = 
| footnotes        = 
| intl             = 

((Infobox Defunct Company))

Gives this (copy and past it or sust)

Vertical list Requirements
((Infobox Defunct company
 | company_name   = 
 | company_logo   = 
 | slogan         = 
 | company_type   = 
 | fate           = 
 | Predecessor    = 
 | successor      = 
 | foundation     = 
 | defunct        = 
 | location       = 
 | industry       = 
 | products       = 
 | key_people     = 
 | num_employees  = 
 | parent         = 
 | subsid         = 
No longer used

Iboxes For Buildings

Wikiproject Cats


The WikiProject Lincolnshire Barnstar Order of Merit
You really deserve this award for helping to reactivate the Lincolnshire Project and helping to provide positive input. After all, had you not reactivated the project; there would be no award. BSTemple (talk) 17:41, 30 March 2009 (UTC)