I can't believe you're bothering to read this...

Name : B. R. Speer

Location : California

Profession : Teacher

Hobbies : Central European names and heraldry, Cladistics, Botany, Paleobiology, Latin, Galician, Analytic geometry, Sudoku, Science-fiction, Greek drama, Latin pop music, Drawing and painting, Weightlifting, and I'm game for almost any other academic subject.

Works include

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Because I have so many varied interests, I have to set personal limits on which areas I'll seriously work on. Right now, I'm focussed on bryophytes and core plant articles. That doesn't mean I won't occasionally foray into other pages to add links, or won't add a new article on an interesting topic, but if I don't stay focussed my quality of work will suffer. I don't want that to happen.

I do really like the green template at right. When I first put it in, I had carried only one article through to GA status. It was so nice to know I'd written one whole good article. It was so self-deprecating.

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Botanical taxa

Marchantiophyta about 50% of the content and much of the subsidiary pages.
Marsileaceae (DYK? 4 Jan 2007) Nearly 100% of the page content.
Buxbaumia (DYK? 1 Apr 2010) Most content, beginning from stub.
Takakia (DYK? 22 Aug 2007) major overhaul and 5-fold expansion.
Haplomitriopsida (DYK? 24 Oct 2007) Created the page.
Monosolenium (DYK? 10 Nov 2007) Complete page overhaul.
Euryale ferox (DYK? 2 Mar 2008) Page overhaul and expansion.
Magnoliidae (DYK? 13 Jul 2008) Complete page overhaul.
Macrocystis pyrifera (DYK? 16 Jul 2009) Created the page.
Metzgeriales (DYK? 12 Jan 2010) Page overhaul and expansion from stub.
Cryptothallus mirabilis (DYK? 18 Jan 2010) Created the page.
Ptilidium (DYK? 17 May 2010) Created the page.
Riella (DYK? 2 July 2011) Created the page.

Plant biology

International Association for Plant Taxonomy expansion from stub. (DYK? 19 Dec 2007)
Started the article on Plant morphology. (DYK? 17 Aug 2007)
Five-fold expansion of Plant physiology. (DYK? 26 Sep 2007)
Started the article on Betalain pigments. (DYK? 30 Sep 2007)
Started the List of herbaria. (DYK? 27 Jun 2008)
Started the article on Franz Stephani. (DYK? 9 Jul 2008)

Other biology

Archaea (FAC co-nominator) Added section and significantly rewrote much of article (with help).



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