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Movement Now – not a political party
The Tale of Shim Chong – folk tale
On the Art of the Cinema – Kim Jong-il's rambling cinema manifesto
Conscription in North Korea – service may last for more than a decade
Kim Jong-un bibliography – Kim Jong Books
Woo In-hee – Kim Jong-il's mistress executed in front of 6,000 people
Day of the Sun – North Korea's answer to Christmas (15 April)
List of North Korean websites banned in South Korea – includes a site with cooking recipes
Kim Su-gil – BLP
Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il badges – everyone must wear one
North Korea–Sweden relations – mostly about Volvos
Beer in North Korea – including an indigenous steam beer
National symbols of North Korea – mostly about the Kims
Smoking in North Korea – world's highest death from smoking rate
Norman Saleet – BLP
Monument to Party Founding – has a 42-meter circle to symbolize the fake birthday of Kim Jong-il (High-importance) !
Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il portraits – are watching you everywhere (Level-5 Vital article)
The Tale of Shim Chong (film) – folk movie
Day of the Shining Star – Kim Jong-il's fake birthday (16 February)
United Front Department of the Workers' Party of Korea – propaganda (High-importance) !
List of United Nations Security Council resolutions concerning North Korea – from the Korean War to Kim Jong-un's nukes (High-importance) !
Propaganda and Agitation Department – propagates and agitates for the Workers' Party of Korea
North Korea at the 2018 Winter Olympics – skating their way across the DMZ
On the Juche Idea – the "Magna Carta of the Juche Idea"
Salt (1985 film) – North Korean exploitation film
Cuba–North Korea relations – "Our views are completely identical on everything", as Raúl Castro put it
Ri Su-yong – BLP
Chilgol Church – dedicated to Kim Il-sung's saintly mother
Kapsan Faction Incident – North Korean history (High-importance) !
Richard K. Ashley – BLP
Church of the Life-Giving Trinity (Pyongyang) – the complete lack of Orthodox clergy in North Korea did not stop Kim Jong-il
Choe Hyon – Kim Il-sung's pal
Ri Yong-ho (diplomat) – BLP
Bongsu Church – place of worship and noodle factory
Seven Star Movement – party
International rankings of North Korea – the proud winner of the least democratic, least economic freedoms, most enslaved, and most anti-Christian categories
Jong Kyong-thaek – BLP
List of things named after Kim Il-sung – "more buildings named after him during his lifetime than any other leader in history"
Finnish People First – political party
Reactions to the death of Kim Jong-il – mostly not sad
Thae Jong-su – BLP
Reminiscences: With the Century – the eight-volume "masterpiece of historical fabrication" by Kim Il-sung (DYK)
Chollima Statue – 46 meters of winged horse in Pyongyang
Holy Leaven – Jesus' blood and original bread from the Last Supper, according to the Assyrian Church of the East
Hero of the Republic – title
List of tourist attractions in Pyongyang – including a nursery
Finland–North Korea relations – unpaid debts
Kim Yong-dae (politician) – BLP
Central Court (North Korea) – with no right to a fair trial (High-importance) !
On Eliminating Dogmatism and Formalism and Establishing Juche in Ideological Work – not really about Juche
Hero of Labor (North Korea) – best hero
Kim Song-hye – BLP
Choe Son-hui – BLP
Historic Monuments and Sites in Kaesong – UNESCO World Heritage Site
O Su-yong – BLP
Chongbong Band – the NK-pop band that didn't replace Moranbong Band
Love, Love, My Love – North Korea's first romantic film
An Emissary of No Return – a North Korean film by kidnapped director who eventually was able to return
Cho Ki-chon – the "Pushkin of Korea", as Kim Jong-il once put it (Level-5 Vital article)
Runaway (1984 North Korean film) – a real train was blown up for this one
Democratic Independent Party – party
Conte (literature) – no one knows what it means exactly (DYK)
"The Christian Manifesto" – Chinese Christians denouncing Christianity
Choe Hwi – BLP
Rules of the Workers' Party of Korea – the dead letter by-laws of the WPK
Kim Phyong-hae – BLP
Patriotic People's Movement (1993) – not a political party
Byungjin – parallel development
Kim Won-gyun – a high-school dropout "who just happened to write the 'Song of General Kim Il Sung'"
Myanmar–North Korea relations – mostly about nukes
Pak Thae-dok – BLP
Hwang Sun-hui – politician (20 January 2020)
An Jong-su – BLP
Socialist Women's Union of Korea – desperate housewives of North Korea
Foreign Languages Publishing House (Soviet Union) – publisher
Pak Kum-chol – politician
Red Cross Society of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea – "a misleadingly named state agency"
National bibliography – bibliography
Han Sorya – North Korea's famous novelist who called Americans "jackals" (Level-5 Vital article)
Independence Party (Finland) – political party
Party Foundation Day – commemorates a day when the Workers' Party of Korea was not actually founded
Let Us March Forward Dynamically Towards Final Victory, Holding Higher the Banner of Songun – Kim Jong Speech
Pak Chong-ae – the most powerful woman to have been purged (High-importance) !
Awards and decorations received by Kim Il-sung – including "National Order of Madagascar"
Ri Yong-suk – BLP
"We Will Go to Mount Paektu" – when North Korea censored their own song
Canaan Hymns – "genuinely inculturated hymns, with a folk lilt" by a Chinese peasant woman
Chilgol – birthplace of Kim Il-sung's mother (High-importance) !
Fishing industry in North Korea – mainly pollock (High-importance) !
Day of Songun – teenage Kim Jong-il visits tank division
Academy of Sciences of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea – initiator of the country's nuclear weapons program
Choe Ik-gyu – BLP
Samjiyon Band – just like Moranbong Band but less popular
Revolutionary Site – Kim theme parks (High-importance) !
Chongnyon Jonwi – newspaper
Exclusive economic zone of North Korea – so exclusive that no one knows where it is (High-importance) !
State General Bureau of Tourist Guidance – tourist bureau
On the Art of Opera – Kim Jong-il on opera
Foreign Trade of the DPRK – North Korean product catalogue with miracle pills and Sesame Street knockoffs
Lima Liturgy – liturgy
Military Foundation Day – holiday
Korea Today – North Korea's English-language propaganda magazine whose chief editor didn't like Stalin enough
Pyongyang Theological Seminary – in the "Jerusalem of the East"
National Christian Council of China – the last stand of independent Protestantism in China
Central Bureau of Statistics (North Korea) – creates "rubber statistics"
Pak Chol – BLP
1959 North Korean parliamentary by-election – to fill vacancies caused by a purge
Workers' Party of Korea Publishing House – publisher
Union of Agricultural Workers of Korea – plants ideological seeds (High-importance) !
List of magazines in North Korea – where publishing more than one magazine per field is considered a waste of resources
Permanent Mission of North Korea to the United Nations – commute by van
Bibliography of North Korea – books
Bernardo Bitti – Mannerism and Counter-Reformation
Kim Hye-song (runner) – BLP
Chu Yong-ha – the would-be vice-premier of North Korea in a planned coup d'état
Tian Feng: The Magazine of the Protestant Churches in China – an officially atheist state
Kim Nung-o – BLP
L. Onerva – Finnish poet
Kim Hye-gyong – BLP
Kim Rak-hui – "initiator of the plowwoman movement"
Tongil Market – tourists allowed, photos not
Chu Ki-chol – Christian martyr
ABANTU for Development – African INGO
Kim Sol-mi – BLP
Awards and decorations received by Kim Jong-il – including "National Order of the Leopard"
Theses on the Socialist Rural Question in Our Country – "Fertilizer is rice, and rice is socialism!" as Kim Il-sung said
Hong Sung-mu – BLP
Pak Kyong-suk – seamstress
Hong Son-ok – BLP
Ministry of External Economic Relations – of North Korea (High-importance) !
Im Chol-ung – BLP
Jo Yong-won – BLP
2016 in North Korea – the year of missiles
Ri Chol – BLP
Kaeson Revolutionary Site – site of Kim Il-sung's 1945 liberation speech
Our Socialism Centred on the Masses Shall Not Perish – "practically every sentence contains a lie"
SS San Wilfrido (1914) – Britain's first naval loss of WWI, sunk one day before Britain entered the war
Syria Speaks: Art and Culture from the Frontline – reading this book might get you detained in Britain
Merited Athlete – for "distinguished contributions to the nation's athletics"
Changsan Revolutionary Site – where Kim Jong-il planted trees (High-importance) !
Ponghwa Revolutionary Site – Kim Hyong-jik's secret meeting place (High-importance) !
Jean-Claude Miche – bishop
Pyongyang International House of Culture – a glass facade of cultural exchange with foreigners
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Thank you, Finnish user interested in history, starting with an infobox and looking for collaboration, for your activity in TAFI, for SS San Wilfrido (1914), for improving articles and adding, for pointing at "creator has created the page in good faith" and "I love to find out and teach about Wikipedia policies and guidelines", for fixing inventively, - you are an awesome Wikipedian!

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