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The Original Maverick423

Hi My User Name is Maverick423 *real name George Alexander E.* Born April 23 1986; I have been editing since December 10, 2006. I'm 21 yrs and of course a male. (to learn more about me or to simply pass the time go to) My website has pretty much just webpages on all the things I personaly like the most. has some of my accomplishments, game reviews that i personaly make after playing a game and more. Me and my friends are starting to make small animated movies and such that will be sold over my site at a later time. dont worry though they wont be expensive more like .50 to watch them or something. Also we are ganna start making some small games also to be sold on my site, however dispite all the stuff we are ganna sell I will be sure to include some freebies!

Anyways I'm always trying my best to stay up to date with news and other important stuff usually ranging in the science, space, and some politics and war issues for the US.

What I Know

I am very wise in the fields of Wars, war strategy, video games, science and technology, so if you got any questions regarding these fields; I will more then likely know the answer to them, so don't be afraid to ask!

What I'm Up To

Recently placed the invention aside and started working on a Manga which should see its first release in Aug or Oct.

I am working on my website which is already looking good dispite some blank pages! *since I'm working on it alone* Recently me and some friends are planning to make some comedy sketches for Youtube. needless to say im a busy man =)

Original Maverick423

If you have seen Maverick423 or heard of a Maverick423(with any other numbers after it usually 0 or 1986)on any other website, thats usually because its me. If you google me you will get alot of maverick423s popping out however dont be confused. I usally hang out on Howstuffworks, runescape, gametrailers, Adult Swim (very rare), freewebs, and here on Wikipedia!! every other Maverick423 that isnt on one of these sites is not me! I only hang out on the sites listed above =) any other names that u find out their are just ordinary people that just so happened to have the same idea for their internet name =)*its because they are envious of me =)* None the less I am the original Maverick423! I have had this Internet name since 1994 *yes I was 8 years old* And during that time there were no other maverick423s =).

Maverick423 16:27, 9 January 2007 (UTC)

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This user has a Death Note and writes in it constantly.
This user has a Death Note and writes in names of Wikipedia vandals.

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Flipsy Reason: too crufty can be merged to the main article. Date: Feb 27 07 Outcome: Deleted

Huriyah (magazine) Reason: not enough sources vulger language and requires more data. Date: March 8 07 Outcome: (Keep) as per the talkpage discussion

Unification Wars Reason: too fan oriented and focused on players. Date: March 13 07 Outcome: Keep (after complete rewrite and cleanup job)

Articles I have created or edited

Created: Virtual Tax and added info

Created: Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel and added info

Created: Angela Buckborough Platt and added basic info

Created: Borderfest and added basic info

Created: List of festivals

Created: microwave gun

Edited: Harvest Moon: Magical Melody (marriage paragraph)

Edited: and added data to Popeye's chicken and biscuits (history) added (trivia)

Edited: Haegemonia uploaded and Added screenshot and new paragraphs

Edited: Adolescence removed repeditive sentences

Edited: Rio Grande Valley added Historical paragraph

Edited: Starfury removing spelling error and suggested some importaint information be added on the talk page.

Edited: Neon sign transformer added to the safty issue

Edited: Philosopher's stone added a game to the list.

Edited: NASA Chicken Gun added other uses paragraph later changed to Pop Culture

Edited: Contraband Days added historical Data and link

Edited: Babylon 5: The River of Souls added trivia and triva paragraph

Edited: Friendship Festival added data historical data links and refrences.

Edited: Bushmaster Knock-Off fixed advertisment like paragraphs.

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Other Sites SN: Maverick423_86 & Maverick423_1986 SN: Maverick423 SN: Maverick423 (duh your here already) SN: Maverick4230 & Inuyasha4231 SN: Vorlons & Zahadoom