I've been editing here[a] since 2005, off and on, but I've learnt a lot more than I've contributed. Despite all the preconceptions and deceptions, Wikipedia's a marvel.

Might be handy some day

Wikipedia:Large language models

MOS:ERA serves us well as a truce. Without it, there are passionate, forthright and principled editors who would remove every BCE/CE from every article they worked on and some who would seek out any other uses too, restricted only by the equally passionate, forthright and principled editors busily removing BC/AD. You can see some strong opinions in 2022's discussion Wikipedia talk:Manual of Style/Dates and numbers/Archive 161#Article titles for years: BC/AD or BCE/CE.

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  1. ^ By "here", I mean Wikipedia, particularly the English-language encyclopedia at en.wikipedia.org. If you're reading this somewhere else such as "WikiProjectMed" (e.g. https://mdwiki.org/wiki/User:NebY), it's not true and it reflects very badly on them.