My main focus on Wikipedia has been dealing with copyright-related issues, assisting at Templates for Discussion, as well as doing all sorts of template-related nonsense. I have an alternate account, PrimeBOT, which does some of the larger AWB projects I find myself working on.

I am an Oversighter, so if you need sensitive/personal/private/etc information suppressed please email me or the OS team.

Other interests include maintaining the ΦMA page and improving the List of Sinfonians. As part of my degree at Glasgow I significantly improved Astronomical spectroscopy, though I hope to further improve it as time permits.

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The layout was taken from StringTheory11, which was taken from Double sharp, which was in turn taken from R8R Gtrs. Please update it if necessary, and if you reuse please provide attribution (including to ST11, DS, and R8R).

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Current Goal notes
Astronomical spectroscopy Start B GA
List of Sinfonians List List FL Work on this project is taking place here. I will be updating the main page relatively infrequently.
Physical Constants Template T T T I've added Wien's Constant, but would like to add more.