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I am a Wikipedia editor and this is my user page. This is not a Wikipedia article, but rather a place for me to organize thoughts on articles I'm working on.

I was an active participant in the Davis Wiki when it was taking off, before it later turned into a broader local wiki movement. I also occasionally edit Wiktionary, where I have another user page.

I'm here to help make good articles about things that matter to me. I really don't care much about the internal politics of Wikipedia beyond that.

This link will show you my recent wiki edits.

Featured articles I have made major contributions to

Welp, that's what happens when I stop babysitting an article for 2 years.

Current works in progress

I would most like to see these articles reach "good" status:

These are related to the Voting Systems WikiProject and the Campaigns and Elections WikiProject.

Election vocabulary

The following words are common in usage and can be very confusing to a reader:

Currently, the article at constituency seems to be confusing all 3 of the definitions it has - perhaps we should have several different articles. Then again, they're rather related, so maybe we should have one or two.

Somewhat less important to me articles

Useful links for wikipedia editors