Greetings; I go by the pseudonym Synaptophysin as my usual moniker is taken here (possibly by me, on a forgotten/inactive email). I have had a wikipedia account since at least 2008, and made edits prior to that via IP (and sometimes forget to log in); I consider myself only an occasional editor.

I chose the name as it would be unlikely to have been selected, and as I used immunolabelling of synaptophysin to measure changes in synapses as part of my honours work. My background is in the sciences and in mathematics, and I have a post-graduate science degree. I have worked in health and public health promotion, and have experience in regulatory activities, compliance, and enforcement regarding drugs.

This page serves as a disclaimer/as disclosure; as a professional working in regulation of drugs, I have an interest in ensuring the accuracy of pages related to drugs and health. I am not paid by any pharmaceutical company, and as a regulator my work is the opposite - ensuring that pharmaceutical companies follow regulations. While editing I try to ensure that my primary role is as an editor. Hopefully this is sufficient to allay concerns, and to provide a perspective to allow feedback if my edits seem to present a conflict of interest.



This user is an atheist.