Welcome to my user page. I haven't tried to make it fancy. While I have nothing against fancy user pages, I mostly use mine as a scratchpad and a list of links. If you're looking for examples of leading-edge user page design, see: WP:EIW#UserPage. I know a little more about Wikipedia than I did when I wrote some of what is here now, so I am gradually updating the old stuff to reflect my newer understanding.

I spend a big chunk of my Wikipedia time answering questions on the Help desk, trying to help other people with their problems. As of 04:06, 15 June 2008 (UTC), I seem to have had the most edits on the Help desk with: 3006.

As of 08:45, 6 November 2008 (UTC), most of my recent article edits are on the topic of Energy, especially topics relating to Renewable energy, Wind power, Peak oil, and Electricity generation.

Useful links

Some pages I refer to often enough to make them worth writing down here:

Useful searches


I don't mind being called an "ass hat," but it doesn't tell me anything I don't already know.
I don't mind being called an "ass hat," but it doesn't tell me anything I don't already know.

These are my user subpages. They are in various stages of "completion" at a given time. Pages that will eventually end up somewhere else (such as essays) will be incomplete while they are here.

Essays in fairly good shape

Essays in appallingly rough shape

Peruse these at your own risk. You may find some ideas, but probably not presented nicely yet. These are scratchpad pages where I get my POV on.




These are pages for testing, usually things like templates, or when I want to see how some wikitext markup works.

In case I missed any

User talk:

New pages I started

The red links are to pages I have not yet started. If any pages I start get deleted, I'll remove them from these lists. I've concentrated much more on editing existing pages than starting new ones. As the lists show, I've started more templates than articles. I especially believe that almost every article on Wikipedia needs at least one navigation template, and many Wikipedia articles have none yet.


The red links are articles I have not started yet, but am thinking about starting. I've kind of leaned toward articles about Wind power, because I have some interest and knowledge about the subject, and because the articles aren't likely to get deleted.

06:28, 23 March 2010 (UTC): I could try the Wikipedia:Articles for creation/Wizard-Introduction. Not that I think I need it, but so I can see how it might look to the new users I advise on the Help desk.



I started these templates, that is the ones whose links are not red:


Project: namespace

A brief history of my wiki time

About my user name

Teratornis is Greek for "monster bird". Teratorns were large flying birds related to modern condors which died out in the Pleistocene. I picked this user name because nobody else is likely to use it, even on a large wiki such as Wikipedia. Other than that, my user name has no significance.


Bicycling-related articles

Articles relating to Computing

I also have interest in computing, both for work and recreation. When I see a way to improve an article about something relating to computing, I take a stab at it. I noticed that Wikipedia seems to have articles that define almost every computing concept and term. Many articles about software and so on seem to require the reader to have an extensive background in computing. I found that simply by hyperlinking every jargon term in such an article to the articles defining them, the article immediately becomes more understandable. Anyone lacking the background to understand the jargon in such an article can simply click a few links and go get it. I have not looked to see whether a WikiProject exists to go through all the computing articles and make sure all their jargon terms have sufficient definitive hyperlinks. If there is no such project, it might be useful to start. 21:06, 2 July 2006 (UTC)


I'm also interested in energy, specifically topics relating to Renewable energy and Peak oil. See my notes in User:Teratornis/Energy.

Existing articles I have edited

My early edits included:

I made an article: Little Miami Scenic Trail, initially as a redirect to Little Miami Bike Trail. However, I suggest eventually moving the article content to Little Miami Scenic Trail and making Little Miami Bike Trail a redirect to it. I solicit comments from anyone with interest.

Some not-so-recent editing


These are some aphorisms I have written. Generally they will suck. I don't know whether I am the first to say any of them. I may never have had a truly original thought, for all I know. It's a big world.

To-do: add more as I think of them.

MediaWiki training videos

An administrator of a public wiki recorded some MediaWiki training videos, to help people learn how to edit on his wiki:

Most of the material in the videos applies to any MediaWiki site, including Wikipedia. The videos could be better, but they are not bad, and I recommend them for wiki beginners as an easy way to get a quick overview of how to edit on Wikipedia.

Hi-resolution .avi files

You may prefer to download the video files to view directly rather than from the wiki page in the previous section. Here are direct links:

The above videos use the x264 codec (a lossless codec which reproduces screen shots clearly); to view the videos, you may need to install one of these video players:

If you want to watch all the videos sequentially, you can download them to a directory on your computer (for example, in Microsoft Windows: C:\JUNK), and make a playlist file for VLC media player (for example, C:\JUNK\mediawiki_video.m3u). In the playlist file, edit a list of your video files in the order you want them to play:


and then you can open your playlist file in VLC media player via the usual File | Open... command.

Low-resolution .mov files

If you don't want to install VLC media player, you can download lower-resolution (but still fairly legible) versions of the videos in QuickTime format from Revver:

WikiProjects I have joined

User pages on other wikis

You can learn more about wiki editing by joining a wiki in some area of your interest. Thousands of public wikis exist, so you can probably find some you like. See for example: