OK, I had been thinking about this page for a while and still have no idea what to put on it, but since someone suggested that I really do need it maybe it's time. So here goes.

I heard about wiki a while ago and never followed up. Then I was asked to participate in a wiki project and never followed up. Then in looking up something I ran into some wiki answers.

While reading that entry, it provided a lot of good information but also contained some totally false statements, or at best incorrect statements. My belief is that a public resource should be as accurate as possible. So you jump in on one item and get trapped.

My background includes a BS. I have worked in large and small companies, I made lawn furniture, did injection molding, mechanical inspection, worked in retail, spent time in management, used the education process to explore stage work and radio broadcasting. I have always traveled so I was exposed to many parts over the US. Most of my career was spent in programming or associated support functions. When I started with computers in school we even had an analog computer to use, is that even defined in wiki?

I have been doing a mix of adding stuff that I think should be included, fixing what is wrong, trying to add the category tag to entries, occasionally looking at the VfD page which I learned about after someone put a page I had created on it. I have looked at the stubs for items I may know something about and tried to improve the articles. That's how I found the Ladder Bay article which I was able to add to since I recalled a few facts from my previous visits to the island of Saba.

I have been described by many as "a jack of all trades, and a master of none". I know enough about a lot of things to get by but a know a lot less in those areas then many others. I'm not sure if that is a blessing or a curse. I'm also a good problem finder but not always a good problem fixer.

Finally even though English is my only language, it is also my worst language when it comes to using it. So, if I do a major add, it probably means someone needs to clean up my English.

This editor is a Supreme Gom, the Most Exalted Togneme of the Encyclopedia and is entitled to display this floor plan of the The Great Library of Alecyclopedias, including its cardboard carrying tube.