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His name says it all. WCM is an editor that is busy working at navigational boxes such as [World leaders|World leaders], [American Presidents|American presidents], [Politics and government navigational boxes|Politics and government], and other [Politics and government templates]. He created the Unused Templates Task Force of WikiProject Templates to clear the enormous backlog of unused templates. He improves many articles dealing with bilateral relations between countries such as the Iran-Saudi Arabia proxy conflict. He has created 39 articles and 40 templates and is a member of Wikipedia:WikiProject International relations.
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Iran-Saudi Arabia proxy conflict
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Wikipedia needs a massive cleanup. That's where I come in. My job is to add relevant categories, templates to pages, relevant templates to categories, and relevant categories to templates. Cleaning up templates such as World leaders such as American Presidents, Politics and government navigational boxes, and other Politics and government templates.

Cleaning up foreign relations, and war related templates; Middle East Conflicts, Post-Cold War African conflicts, Post-Cold War European conflicts, Post-Cold War Asian conflicts, Post-Cold War conflicts in the Americas, Ongoing military conflicts, Cold War, War on Terror, and Arab–Israeli conflict navigational boxes.

And speaking of templates, a task force I created, the Unused Templates Task Force of WikiProject Templates, is to clear the enormous backlog of unused templates from Wikipedia which by now I think I've been known for.

Mets fan and member of the New York Mets Project.

Another project is to create bilateral relations pages and fix their pages, category pages, and related templates. Part of the project is to create an article on ambassadors, embassies, consulates, other diplomatic offices, and residences. Another part is to create countries' multilateral relations articles.

Creating articles on all laws proposed and passed by the United States Congress. Treaties of the U.S., and those that are unsigned or unratified by the U.S. Including executive orders, other executive actions by the President of the United States, and laws signed by presidents of the United States.

Election and referendum templates need to be cleaned up and so do their respective articles.

On a geographical level, Island Templates.

On a more local level, New York City Templates.

Lastly, to deal with the assessment backlog for Unknown-importance articles, NA-importance articles, and Category:Unassessed articles.

The greatest act of vandalism involving my name. Twice.

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Foreign Relations


World Leaders

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Foreign Relations

Proxy Conflicts

World Leaders

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